Suede Leather Jacket

What to wear with suede leather jacket- The designer's tips

New peak of suede’s popularity

Suede as a kind of leather materials is known from ancient times but its manufacturing began at the beginning of 17th century. Its thin, soft and stretchy structure was highly appreciated by fashionists of that times so suede outerwear had quickly gained the status of luxury garments.  There were several periods in the history of world fashion when suede reached the peak of popularity, and the new fall-winter season seems t become the next one. All world known fashion houses chose natural leather as a dominant material for creating their collections. Of course they couldn’t but include to their catalogues a lot of luxury models made of incomparable, expensive-looking suede.

Natural suede leather jacket, being one of the most demanded lots, is going to become a must have of a new fall-winter season.  Besides its perfect protective, esthetic qualities and practicality, a suede jacket can be characterized by great combinability. If you have already decided to purchase such a trendy thing, it would be necessary to get acquainted with some designer’s tips for getting the idea of how to make your own ideal match-on.

Useful tips on what to wear suede leather jacket with:

To begin with we should mention that this season designers offer the customers several types of top fashionable suede jackets such as classic style men’s like cut jacket, short suede jacket and a long coat. Every model has its own peculiarities of combination with other things. Let’s observe each of them separately.

Classic style suede jackets with simple straight lines of the silhouette are usually cut like men’s blazers. They are characterized by very high combinability. You can wear them with most things from your wardrobe and pick it for any occasion. One of the most common everyday variants is a hip length suede jacket combined with a sweatshirt, skinny jeans, high boots (up to the knee) and a large city bag. Wearing this set, you can go to a get-together with friends or for shopping. The more formal variant is a brown suede leather jacket matched with a shirt like blouse or a turtleneck, tight dark colored trousers, high heeled ankle boots and an office style bag.

Short jackets made of natural suede are the best choice for young and slim fashionistas. This cold period there are two most popular short suede jacket models which rushed to masses right from the catwalks. They are biker jackets and bombers. The most traditional combination of such jackets with partner things is warm brown biker jacket or a bomber with blue skinny jeans, a big scarf and a city bag, high heeled Hessian boots or ankle boots. You can also wear short suede jackets with thick knitted dresses, thick tights and high boots up to the knee.

Long length belted suede coats are the hottest trend of a new fall-winter season. Little oversize fashionable models emphasize the femininity and tenderness of a slim women’s silhouette. In new catalogues most demanded models are presented in white, beige and milky colors. Light coloring during dull period of the year adds the models chick and expensive look. You can wear them with almost everything – short skirts and long dresses, skinny jeans and straight cut classic style trousers, thin cashmere sweaters, turtlenecks, and shirt like blouses, tunics and leggings. For the lovers of long length coats it is better to choose high heeled classic style boots. Don’t forget to complete the look with a big scarf and appropriate gloves.