Plus Size Motorcycle Jackets

The motorcycle jackets for big guys- the new trends in design

It goes without saying that motor races’ lovers come in all sizes and, of course, there are a lot of big guys among them whose figures need customized garments. A couple of decades ago being big and tall was a problem for a biker because it was quite difficult to find the necessary size and model among ready made things but now it is not a problem because almost every biker’s shop or online leather clothes shop offers plus size motorcycle jackets, pants and other garments.

Leather is so beloved by bikers and fans of biker style because it features perfect protective qualities: it is thick enough to keep the biker’s skin from scrapes and scratches in the fall, keeps the rider warm in cold period of the year and protects from overheating in summer. Besides, elastic and smooth material with characteristic smell became part of entire biker culture and brutal sexy image of a motor rider.

Today’s plus size biker leather garments feature smart and quality cut: they have enough room for comfortable and free movements and their smart construction looks elegant and stylish as never before. This explains the popularity of big biker jackets not only with bikers but also with fans of their style. Less detail makes these models quite universal and detachable insulation which can be found in many winter models turns such jackets into all-season things.

Most demanded biker jackets of a new cold season

Of course, new tendencies can be traced in biker fashion and there are some new trends concerning plus size motorcycle jackets. Following them, every customer will be able to purchase a great big size jacket for motor riding, getting together or everyday wear. Let us make a list of points worth attention:

-Vintage, classics, casual

All these styles appeared to be in favor of biker clothes designers. Jackets from 50s-60s, eternal asymmetric cut models, movie inspired plus size motorcycle jackets and casual models with some biker friendly style details gained great popularity. All of them are united by high universality which gives the owners an opportunity of mixing styles and making their own match-on.

As we see, being a big guy is no problem anymore and any biker or biker friendly style lover having large parameters can easily satisfy his need to be warm, protected and stylish. Moreover, biker style demonstrates its upgrade and comes as a full participant of high fashion world mixing with other styles, losing some old elements and acquiring new traits.

-Straight cut instead of voluminous silhouettes

Voluminous, even baggy models which were popular in 70-s – 80-s are not so popular in spite of bikers’ love to vintage style things. New trend in design is oriented on straight cut models with slim fit sleeves and stand collar which attach a biker jacket more sporty look. There is no need to mention that simple cut things are well combined with any other basic pieces of clothes and may become a basement for numerous everyday and outgoing looks.

-Stripes and inserts instead of chains and rivets

Chains, badges and rivets which are so characteristic for biker clothes step aside in new autumn -winter season. New trend of biker jackets for big guys is presented by contrast stripes, perforated inserts, embroidery, internal functional and false pockets and zips. Today’s biker jacket becomes more accurate and elegant. Now it shows big guys’ figures more advantageously than ever.