Plus Size Leather Skirt

Big does not mean clumsy- The latest in plus size leather skirts this season

Everybody has the right to be stylish and attractive. This right belongs to every man and woman and even if they figure’s parameters differ from model standards they can pick the things which fit them perfectly well. This also applies to leather garments which are manufactured according with ‘big and tall’ size tables as well as with standard ones. Now being big doesn’t mean being clumsy and wearing baggy robes because customized leather clothes for curvy women includes not only jackets and coats but also such must haves of women’s wardrobe as trendy plus size leather skirt or a stylish leather dress.

Leather skirts are very much beloved by fashionistas all over the world because of their practicality and ability to be a basement of many different looks. Moreover, this season leather skirt is all the range so all style conscious personalities, both slim and curvy, have already opened the season of great hunting for a popular leather garment. Choosing a leather skirt for yourself, keep in mind some important things:

- leather garments don’t stretch too much so it is better to choose the waist size of a model you like which will match your own measurements exactly;

- defining the necessary waist size take into account the way you are going to wear your plus size leather skirt (on the waist, on hips, on a high waistline);

- don’t make a mistake choosing maxi models, it will be much better to open your legs a little;

- mini is not a very successful length as well and midi length is just what you need;

- purchase quality models accurately cut and sewn without voluminous overloading details;

- if your weight and the size of your waist changes quite often, find a wrap skirt which will provide a perfect fit no matter the changes happen.

This season designers offer curvy beauties quite a big choice of models. Let us observe the latest trends in detail.

The latest in plus size leather skirts

Speaking about the most demanded models of a new cold season, we can’t but admit that classic straight cut models and pencil skirts still hold leading positions on a par with fresh variants such as a leather skater skirt, flair, petal and pleated skirts.

Classic style knee length skirts can be worn with blouses fitting inside, short sweaters and cardigans, jackets and blazers. If you are going to use your plus size leather skirt for some going out event match it with some unusual designer blouse or a sleeveless top with decorated cut line or collar. If you are planning to participate in some informal get together choose some original sweatshirt or a casual sweater as a companion to your skirt. Leather skirt can be successfully matched with knee length cashmere, shearling or fur coats with belt and bots with a heel.

Flared leather skirts including petal and pleated models may be used at the office if combined with turtleneck tops or slim cut blouses. These models cannot be combined with thick sweaters greasing the beautiful waistline of flared models or short tops, blouses and shirts, demanding wearing outside. Lace top or some other thin turtleneck style top can become a going out variant if it is decorated with embroidery or rhinestones, or if the entire set is completed with appropriate jewelry or bijouterie. Flared models demand elegant high heeled shoes or boots.

This season the color palette of plus size leather skirt has widened and enriched by several warm brown tints, dark blue, olive, deep red colors so you can base your new match-on not only on traditional blacks but on some fresh colors.