Plus Size Leather Jackets

How to choose plus size leather clothing and what to buy

People whose parameters of figure differ from teenage type beloved by most of couturiers, often experience difficulties while choosing quality fashionable clothes, especially leather clothes. Natural leather features a lot of qualities which make this material extremely popular: it protects us from wind, snow and rain, keeps the warmth of our body and emphasizes the advantages of our figure but when the leather garments are too tight they look vulgar and cheap. Moreover, in this case they emphasize all the parts of figure which are far from the ideal, making them even larger visually. There is just one decision – plus size figures demand plus size clothes which will look naturally and hide all the figure flaws. Such clothes are offered by special shops and online stores where you can easily buy or order plus size leather jackets, coats or trousers. While making your choice, try to follow some simple tips.

How to choose

1. Don’t forget that plus size doesn’t mean oversized. Oversized clothes look great only on fragile women and girls. Just a very big size not customized for the peculiarities of your figure will show shoulders, cuffs and belt line “not on the right place” and make your figure look sloppy and baggy. Take your decisions thoughtfully.

2. Choosing plus size leather jackets, dresses or trousers take into account their combinability. The thing is that it is not so easy to collect things for your wardrobe when you have a non standard figure and such purchase as a piece of leather garment belonging to some different style may cause a lot of problems while making a match on.

3. Pay attention to the quality of leather. Thick natural leather of good dressing will serve longer and keep its form better than some cheap material. High quality leather doesn’t stretch too intensely so it will provide clear silhouette and elegant look.

-Make your choice in favor of monochrome simple cut models and models with vertical details -they will make plump figure look slimmer. Any vertical lines, instead, will make chest and waist line even wider.

What to buy

Having observed the essential information about choosing plus size leather garments, let us make a list of most successful models for curvy shaped women and plump men.

Hip length plus size leather jackets and coats

Leather coats, jackets and blazers of hip length are ideal and most universal leather garments for plump people. They mask the odds quite successfully and may become central parts of any image plus size jackets of hip length are must haves for cool periods of the year. Wear them with jeans, classic trousers, pencil skirts and dresses-cases to look slim and stylish in any weather.

Knee length plus size coats

These pieces present another successful choice for big people. They are especially good for winter season. Many plump people think that maxi leather coats will suit them best but sometimes long leather garments make the silhouette even more voluminous and formless. Knee length makes the figure look more elegant and easy weighed.

Classic style dresses, skirts and trousers

Straight cut classic style skirts, dresses or trousers are best friends of a plump figure. They match perfectly well with almost any piece of your wardrobe and don’t overload the look if combined with ‘right’ outerwear and footwear. For example, men’s leather trousers can be worn with classic style shoes, stylish jackets and sweaters, woolen and cashmere hip length coats. Women’s skirts, dresses and sundresses made of leather will, in their turn, combine well with monochrome or printed tops, classic style shoes, leather or textile blazers and jackets, knee length coats.