Plus Size Leather Corsets

Size is not a hurdle to look sexy- The all season corset trends

Every woman wishes to be sexy and attractive no matter the figure she has. Modern designers do everything possible to bring women’s wishes into life. They create perfect everyday and going out looks to provide the look of the queen for every fashionista either at work or at a party. Working at every detail of women’s looks, designer often use some pieces from the past and give them a new life. As a rule, such vintage things become stars of a new season. Not so long ago, all world known fashion houses demonstrated collections with different models of corsets which are known from the Middle Ages. Since then corsets firmly hold their positions and remain one of the most expressive means of showing women’s sexuality. For quite a long time curvy beauties couldn’t purchase a corset fitting their figures but now when everybody knows that size is not a hurdle to be sexy, every woman can purchase a standard or a customized ready made corset for any occasion.

Different types of corsets for different aims

There are different types of corsets – underwear and evening corsets, classic and erotic ones with different bases and details - lacings, buttons, loops or straps. Materials for their manufacturing are also different. You may purchase an underwear corset made of synthetics or some cotton blend, a standard size or plus size leather corsets, suede evening corset or even a woolen corset for everyday wear. They also have different height - waist corsets, chest corsets and classical high ones, it depends on what part of figure should be accented. Corsets can be slimming and decorative. Slimming corsets are very tight and are aimed to make figure visually slimmer. Lacing is their essential element. Decorative corsets, in their turn, are much more democratic and are used as to mask disadvantages of a woman’s figure and emphasize its advantages. The variety of colors is not limited and depends on the main colors of the entire woman’s wardrobe or on the aim of going out.

How to wear

Decorative corsets for everyday wear at the office are well combined with slim cut blouses and turtlenecks matched with a pencil skirts or straight cut trousers, dresses with slim fit waist and a fluffy skirt. If the corset is planned to become part of a going out look, a lacy top and a short tight or fluffy skirt may become a nice match to it. If the corset is high enough, it can be worn as a top itself, without any other companion tops. For example, a seductive and provocative look can be created by matching a black leather corset with skinny jeans. Fashion experts don’t recommend wearing corsets with things demonstrating low waistline: folds of skin protruding from the clothes don’t look esthetic.

Leather corset – quintessence of sexuality

Leather is rightly considered to be on of the most sexual natural materials and leather corset represents a quintessence of sexuality. Classic cut decorative corset is quite a universal thing which can be used either for everyday wear or for some getting together. Today standard or plus size leather corsets are presented in eternal black and whites, and top fashionable brown, blue, burgundy, red, olive and grey tints. New season’s models are decorated with front buttons and strap fasteners, embroidery, lace elements and contrast inserts so any woman can choose an ideal leather corset which will match both the palette of her wardrobe and the peculiarities of her figure.