Yellow Motorcycle Jacket

The colors of biker jackets popular this season

Designers always gave a lot of surprises and every collection gave new possibilities to look good, look beautiful and elegant. But this year gave especially many surprises for men and women. This year designers change a lot of styles, but biker style changed the most. As jacket in biker style is one of the most popular trends of this season, let’s speak about reasons why they look so unusual and original.

Before biker jackets for men and women were made in very conservative style, classic oblique cut, zip, leather, belt, what else people need to feel warm and comfortable? But this season it’s not just a garment that save you from cold and rain, it’s very stylish and beautiful cloth.

If before we got used to see black variant of biker jacket and in imagination we always had a image of big man on bike dressed totally in black leather, decorated with metal spikes and skulls, with beer in hands, now this garment is called “must have” for all the people. The biggest changes in biker’s jacket is made in colors, especially rich gamma is in women models.

Black is still very popular and it will be always one of trends. But in difference with last year, we see much more brown models. We see such tendency in fashion for men and women. Designers use all shadows of chocolate, sand, wood and they look gorgeous with contrast details. Mostly winter models are decorated with contrast white or black fur and such jacket is not only warm, but very elegant. The most important is that it matches very good to almost all styles and colors. So, you will look good in it and it doesn’t matter if you wear business suits, romantic dresses or jeans with it. You can also see big contrast on podium, from one hand, designers present a lot of romantic, tender models of beige, crème and rose colors. They don’t look pale, such models are decorated with elegant prints This season designers use it very often. Very stylish look flower compositions, abstract lines, geometric prints, animal prints and always fashionable cell. In combination with classic biker cut, it looks really new and original.

As for bright colors, the most popular are cold shadows: deep blue, aquamarine, emerald, green, violet, lilac. But designers also didn’t want to tell “good buy” to summer with its bright colors. If you want to look attractive, bright and you want to take colors of summer with you, for you there are a lot of “warm” models. In yellow motorcycle jacket or orange one you will feel like small sun came on Earth. Designers used a lot of shadows of autumn leaves and yellow is also very popular. So there are no borders for your imagination. If you want to look romantic and dreamer lady, you can choose rose or silver jacket with decoration from guipure. If you want to look conservative, you can take a brown variant with contrast white fur, if you want to attract all sights this season, you will look unforgettable in yellow motorcycle jacket.

Men’s jackets are made mostly in dark color gamma and they are made mostly for being practical. Every man will look very elegant in black, grey, brown or dark-blue jacket. There are also bright models for brave and creative men. In red motorcycle jacket you will attract women’s attention, it’s sure. But if you prefer golden middle, you can choose a variant of combination if black leather and other color, for example, color of sand. You will look original and attractive.