Winter Motorcycle Jacket

Biker Jackets for cold winters-the latest in winter biker jackets

Biker jackets are known for their stylish looks, comfort and most importantly the safety they provide to the riders. But post ww2, biker jackets, especially designed of leather started to be fashion sensations. A chunk load of Hollywood movies and their actors are to be credited for that. This biker jacket trend then went on and on and is prevailing with confidence even today. Biker jackets not only became a style sensation, but the effort put in them to make them comfortable and safe for the riders resulted in them being one of the primary jacket choices for fashion fanatics for the chilly days.

Biker Jackets have evolved significantly since Marlon Brando made them ‘awesome’. The change in technology had an impact on them too as jackets infused with modern technology started to creep in to the trend. Here we dare to look at the latest of them winter motorcycle jacket and the latest of features added in them for this winter.

-Textile Jackets: Textile jackets along with leather jackets have been among the important biker jackets. You can find a wide variety of textile jackets in the market with a wide array of features infused in them. Textile jackets provide sporty look along with comfort. For the winters, textile jackets with different types of thermal linings can be found. You can of course find wide amount of choices in them but look out for jackets with chest protectors and windproof fabrics. If you are concerned about style too, then you can find wide varieties of textile jackets in vibrant colors. Black and Grey are the most significant ones but the ones with both colors combined with white aren’t bad looking either. 

-Leather Jackets: Leathers are of course bound to keep you warm and when it comes to biker jackets, leathers have always been ahead in the race with other fabrics. Leathers are warm fabrics, you add that up with thermal linings in them and you get one heck of a wear for you this winter to make you hot (Pun intended).

Since we’ve mentioned heated jackets specifically, let us take a closer look at various types of heated winter motorcycle jacket and what additional features they provide and what style statement are they likely to produce. 

-Heating wears are a great development in fabrics. Jackets with liners to keep you warm are the best thing you can get for this winter in terms of temperature. The liners in them heating jackets use heating pads developed with thermostats. These features allow even heat flow. Liners are usually placed near to the body to provide mobility. This thermo system is can be energized by your motorbike’s power system. The 12 volt system in your motorbike will prove to be enough to take you far safe and warm. You can even buy a separate charging kit. These jackets are available in any size and there are specifically designed heating jackets for you ladies too.

Heating pads on this winter motorcycle jacket is placed on the back, collars, sleeves and chest. You need not worry about overheating because resistors are placed on each of them heating pads. The maximum heat this jackets produce at 75 watts of power being 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

So there you go, you will have a lot of option in winter motorcycle jacket, all you need to do is find a jacket that fulfills all aspects of winter wear. For long travels, heated liner jackets seem to be the best choice.