Motorcycle Gear

What gears a biker cannot do without- The Must have list

Don’t you love riding a bike? Of course you do. Everyone does, unless you have some kind of phobia or something! Bike riding and racing has become a style, a fashion and more of a passion for most of the youngsters these days. Definitely, people of older age group are also not too distant from this passion. Bike riding is a real fun thing to do but this can equally be risky and accident prone. There are some measures of safety that you need to follow. Those may include many stuffs such as your safety gears. These are very important for your safety while you ride.

Motorcycle gears or your safety gears while riding a bike are really very necessary. Everybody knows bike riding these days are very risky. Many cases of severe accidents are reported worldwide, every day. Bikers must try to avoid such accidents and ride as safe as possible. But sometimes the accidents happen not only because of the fault of the rider but also others. So, if it is not possible to avoid the accident itself, a rider or a biker must always think of his safety before riding. These measure of safety include using motorcycle gears or the equipments that protect you major body parts even if you have an accident. These gears do not avoid the accident itself, but they can at lease protect you from severe damage to your body.

Some major motorcycle gears that you must use while riding a bike are:

1. Helmet: A helmet is a biker gear that you wear in your head for your safety while riding a bike. Head is a delicate and important part of our body as it consists of the most delicate organ of our body, the brain. A small damage to the brain can have a great impact in your whole life. Hemorrhage in the brain may cause the paralysis of you whole body and it can also be fatal at time and cause death of the rider in the accident spot itself. So, it is very important to save your head while you are riding.

2. Gloves: While riding a bike, your hands play a very important role in handling a bike. The sun rays can burn your hand or the cold can cause frostbite while riding your bike. So, protection of your hands is also equally important. Not only for the protection of your hands, but the gloves also provide you with a good grip.

3. Jacket: You can never predict the nature. You never know when it is going to rain or when it is going to be a very hot sunny day. So, as a rider you must always wear a jacket, to protect yourself from rain, sun, and all other climatic conditions. The biker jackets that are made up of high–tech synthetic fibres or leathers protects you even when you have an accident. There are a lots of biker jackets of various designs and colours. Choose your design and your colour very wisely.

4. Glasses: The dust and dirt in the roads may blur your vision while riding. SO to avoid your contact with such dirt and dust, an eye gear or a pair of glasses is a must. Various glasses and eye gears are there that you can try.

So, this season, do not let the biker inside you go in vain. Try different motorcycle gears you can get in the market and be a safe rider. Be stylish! Ride safe!