Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear

Biking in harsh winters – the must have apparels for cold weather

The motorcycle is not just a fun but a means of transport. Every exciting motorcycle riding is accompanied with high risks. That’s why a real biker should opt a proper motorcycle gear that will be comfortable in all weathers as well as protect from getting injured on the road. The appropriate cold weather motorcycle gear usually includes:

1) Thermal underwear:

The main role of the thermal underwear is to keep the natural body’s temperature and let perspiration escape. Usually it is found as a set of a t-shirt and shorts (as for bicycle riding). The thermal underwear for winter riding is usually thick and includes different fabric components with unique features. Such apparel retains warm and let moisture escape, so that the skin is always dry. In most cases, the thermal underwear is offered at the market as one piece thermal suit. In opinion of many bikers, going with this apparel allows to wear the outer layer without any sweater or hoody underneath.


2) Fleece sweater:

A thin fleece sweater is an ideal mid-layer which provides the bulk of warmth. It perfectly protects from rude winter wind as well as serves a great deal of comfortable handling of the motorcycle. Aside fleece, you can try the products of POLAR TECH and MICROFIBRE brands.

3) Head and neck protection:

Riding your motorcycle in winter, you must be sure that your head is protected from cold, wind, hail and snow. Here, a full face helmet with insulation and neoprene face mask are necessary accessories. The mask is to fill in the gaps to lessen the wind that permeate in. Just make sure you won’t totally run out of oxygen, a little fresh air should get in. In cold winter the biker also needs a scarf or leather bandana to cover his neck, since the neck serves as a funnel in which blood circulates from the brain to the other vital organs. Among all the neck protective fabrics membranous materials as WIND STOPPER, WIND TEXT, CORDURA are the most popular at the market. These windproof, water resistant, and ultra breathable kinds of fabric are included not only in the neck and heard protective accessories but in motorcycle pants, jackets, pants.

4) Gloves:

Biker gloves should fit properly and have the right kind of protection in all the right places. The biker must handle the control of the brake lever skillfully, thus very thick gloves can make his hands lose perceptibility and feel uncomfortable. Some gloves are made from waterproof material, while others are heated or mesh. There are gloves coming with carbon fiber sliders to protect various parts of hands. There are even electric gloves which are attached to the biker’s electrical system to provide heat whenever it is needed.

5) Motorcycle pants and jackets (or motorcycle racing suit):

In order the motorcycle riding experience can be greatly enhanced, your pants and jacket should allow you some degree of comfort along with wind and water protection during long hours on the motorcycle. Here there are different kinds of materials these apparels are made of: textile, mesh, leather. Heated pants and jackets are electric outer layers to be functional, technological twist on a base layer pant. Once the weather turns cold, heated motorcycle jacket and heated pants are crucial to keeping the biker warm and safe.

6) Motorcycle boots: Waterproof and breathable, providing with warmth and comfort that is your goal.


Choose your best cold weather motorcycle gear to keep your mind on the road and not on the cold air!