Blue Bomber Jacket

The new ideas and trends in leather jacket this summer

It’s impossible to imagine summer collections without stylish and very original jackets. This season gave us a lot of new ideas and new vision of femininity and beauty. If you are going to choose jacket, prepare for bright colors, interesting silhouettes, richness of decorations and materials.

First of all let’s speak about materials. Jackets of this summer are made from light materials, like silk and satin and of course, from stronger materials that can warm up owner in fresh summer evenings. One of the most popular materials for jackets is leather. Mostly summer models are made from soft and tender leather. One of the most popular trends of season is combination of different types of leather, texture one and glance one. Classic leather jacket has minimum details and it’s very popular because of its universality. It’s easy to combine it with all garments, straight dress, pants, even with bikini and shorts. So, if you are looking for the best companion for this summer, garment that will match you in daily life, on work, on vacations, leather jacket will be very good choice for being elegant.

Usually leather jackets are made till line of waist. It’s made, because designers try to underline thin waist with belt and one of trends of this season is big count of layers of clothing. So, if you want to show everything, it’s necessary to choose short variant of jacket. There are even very short models that won’t be very warm, but they look very original and modern.

One of the more popular variants of leather jacket that won all podiums of this summer is bomber jacket. It’s made in almost all colors that you can imagine! White, beige, crème, yellow, blue bomber jacket attracts all sights and is a dream of women who like fashion. This year designers listen to nature and bright summer colors express beauty of our world. Every woman will look young, active, inspiring, like colorful butterfly. It will give a note of vacations even to hard working day. This summer designers tell “do not hide!” and propose to show your beauty, underline it with blue bomber jacket and be like a piece of sky in crowd of grey people. There are a lot of variants for women who don’t afraid to be original. You can choose leather jacket with transparent peaces or leather jacket decorated with big lowers. It looks especially gorgeous on thin black leather. One of the most popular trends of this season is also small print on crème leather. There are also a lot of variants of animal print, especially piton or crocodile prints. Abstract prints on white are also very popular.

Of course, black leather variant is very popular and it’s made in biker’s style, with oblique zip, a lot of metal details, but this summer you can see on them very feminine decorations, so, such jacket looks also very romantic and match good to all types of garments. You can see jackets with or without sleeves, leather jackets with combination with guipure, lace, silk, cotton and satin. Designers combine everything and result if really impressive. All models look very attractive and bright. Very often you can see a variant of leather vest with sleeves from another material, like guipure, for example.

This season give everything for women who want to look bright and attractive. Leather jackets in different styles, from bikers oblique jackets to bomber ones are made especially for you, but don’t hide and express your personality!