Motorcycle Saddlebags

The Must have accessories for a professional biker: how important is a saddlebag.

Motorcycle was always incarnation of freedom, force and special life-style. Though there was always competition between amatory of cars and bikers, motorcycle was always popular. Of course, every biker needs such important thing as bag, because it’s impossible to imagine romantic traveler who takes nothing with.

Even if you prefer do not take a lot of clothing with, you need a place where you can put instruments. In a road everything can happen and it’s just necessary to have them. But as there is very big choice, it’s necessary to understand what kind of bag you need.

First of all, a lot depends on your bike. Now there are models that have motorcycle saddlebags from the factory, so, their owners don’t need to worry about that. Just if you prefer to make long traveling and you need a lot of place for your affairs, you can buy additional bags. But if your bike doesn’t have it, you need to think about buying so important accessory. What is the most important in choosing it? Of course, you must be sure that your affair will be in safety. If you don’t travel all the time under strong rain, it will be enough to buy leather saddlebag. Of course, there are cheaper variants, like bags from synthetic leather, they look good, they are very stylish, but from another hand, they won’t save your affairs from all climate changes and they won’t serve you as long as a variant from natural leather.

Usually all they are made from thick leather, impregnated with wax or silicone. It makes leather stronger and it will save your affairs better. Even if you traveled under rain, in the end of day it will be enough to rub your bag with wet cloth and leave it to dry. So, as for material, everything is simple, you can choose between natural or synthetic leather, it will give your bike especially wild features. If you still worry about climate problems and you live in a place where there are a lot of rains, there are a lot of covers that save your bag and affairs.

Of course, if you are professional driver and you can’t imagine your life without crossing the country several times a year, you need to think about something bigger. Usually motorcycle saddlebags of middle size are very good if you use bike for going to work and come back, for fishing or going to your relatives in next town. You will be able to put there instruments, water, some clothing and some necessary things like documents and mobile phone. But if you need to have maximum comfort with you, you need to think about large trunk. First of all, if you decided that you really need it, think about your comfort. If you take so large accessory, you won’t be able to take passenger with you and you also don’t need to forget about aerodynamic, weight distribution and safety. So, even if you want to take a half of your home with, you need to think first of all about own safety.

Big trunks are made from plastic and very often they are upholstered with leather. Sometimes they have metal details, angles that make construction stronger. You can also see it in smaller motorcycle saddlebags. Mostly all variants are made in dark color gamma, because the most important is functionality and practical side. As for decorations, mostly you can see variants with metal details, spikes, buttons, zips. But it doesn’t mater what bag you will choose, the most important is that it will give you necessary comfort and freedom.