Hard Saddlebags

Changing design trends in saddle bags: whats new this season

Saddlebag is one of the most important accessories in biker style. You will need bag in every situation, for traveling, short walks in town or even if you use bike not to often. There are a lot of variants how to take your affairs with, you can take usual bag and attach it to your bike with elastic tapes.

But with time elastic tapes wear out and lose their elasticity. You can also take backpack, but it’s sure that you don’t need backache is companion in your trip. So, the best variant is bag that you can attach to your bike with special fixing. One of the most popular variants is saddlebag.

Before we saw a lot of classic variants of saddlebags. There are different types of bags and a way to attach them to motorcycle, but as for design, they presented two bags joined together that are attached to saddle of motorcycle. Mostly classic variants are made in black color gamma and have mostly slanted or cubic shape. As for decorations, mostly we saw variants with metal details and decorative zips, buttons, spikes. Also for owners of hard bikes it was very popular to underline classic style of their bikes with fringe that gives notes of old West to motorcycle. But the most important was comfort of your saddlebag and of course, function, it must save your affairs first of all.

Now we see that with saddlebags of traditional view we see new tendencies. Now comfort and safe are combined with style. It doesn’t matter if you want to choose small or hard saddlebag, you will easily find stylish models of all sizes. One of the biggest changes in design of saddlebag is color. If before we could see a lot of black and dark-brown variants, now color gamma is much richer.

We see very elegant and stylish light bags of color of sand, beige and even red ones. If you want to make your motorcycle brighter, but you don’t want to paint it, it’s enough just to choose wonderful universal variant, there are painted saddlebags that you can paint in any color and admire new look of your bike almost every month. Of course, if you don’t want to make extra efforts, you can find bright variants, from calm beige to bright green and red ones.

Before we also saw a lot of saddlebags closing by zip, because it’s quickly and easy. Now designers pay more attention to beauty and they propose variants closing by belts and having big overhead pockets that serve for comfort of saving your affairs and for beauty. It’s also very popular to use contrast colors for decoration of bags and use contrast between light color of bag and black color of details, pockets and corners. So, if you want to be sure that bag will match your bike, you can easily take light model with black details and it will match any color of your bike perfectly.

Now we see much more decorations of saddlebags and if before designers used more fringe, this season we see using of minimalistic style that gives more elegance to classic bags and unusual decisions like embroidery, figure buttons, contrast stitch. It’s also popular to combine different types of leather. By the way, as for material, it can be different. Mostly for hard saddlebag designers use thick leather, small bags are mostly made from soft leather or customized variants from polymer, or nylon. Sometime shard saddlebag can be made from plastic or fiber glass for better protection.