Womens Motorcycle Pants

How women biker pants changed this season- the latest design trends.

Wearing trousers by women was at first some revolutionary innovation which arose a lot of negative comments, then this trend became top fashion and after that it faded and got the status of classics. Trousers are now a usual and replaceable piece of women’s everyday life. Women wear them for any possible occasion – work, sport, going out. To bring something new into a new season’s trend designers have to take much efforts.

This season they made fashionistas get lost in memories about crazy rock-n-roll times. New collections showed recently on catwalks could be described as the fest of sexy blacks, leather textures and a lot of bikers’ attributes such as womens motorcycle pants which are most in vogue this fall and winter.

Having a pair or two of motor pants in a woman’s wardrobe doesn’t mean being a biker or a biker’s girlfriend. Now they are pieces belonging to casual category of clothes, and this means you can wear your biker trousers almost everywhere. Being made of thick fabric or leather, they don’t decrease women’s attractiveness. Instead, women wearing biker pants, look even more feminine and fragile.

The latest trend of women’s biker pants fashion

This season synthetic, stretch cotton and artificial leather biker pants for women are extremely popular because new models are slim fit and tight all along the leg. They are something between classic style womens motorcycle pants and leggings and have not too much of detail. Trousers are mostly decorated by functional or false zips and pockets, original stitching and so fashionable quilted inserts. Such world known manufacturers of casual style clothes as Mango and H&M have already presented several variants of women’s biker pants in their new catalogues. The most demanded of them appeared to be:

Skinny motor pants made of artificial leather

These motorcycle pants usually feature elastic band (or an insert) on the waist, decorative stitching, false or functional pockets and zips. Such models mostly have medium or high landing. Having purchased a cute pair of artificial leather skinny biker pants, you can wear them with simple and voluminous knitted sweaters, heelless boots or shoes and casual style jackets or coats. For some special occasions you can do your own experiments and combine synthetic leather like pants with stylish hip length black lace tops or some designers’ tunics.

Jeans womens motorcycle pants

Jeans motor pants for women are another traditional variant. This season jeans biker style pants are presented in traditional and original colors among which there are dark brown, dyed grey, deep green and khaki. Women’s biker jeans of new fall-winter tend to lose everything odd: classical five pockets and traditional zip plus button closure, no metal elements and patches, no fray. Only a few characteristics show their belonging to bikers’ style: quite thick fabrics, decorative stitches, functional lining elements on the knees. Women’s motor trousers became less impressive and aggressive but much more versatile.

Leather motor pants

Vintage style leather pants are too rough to participate in new season’s collection. This time designers and manufacturers did everything they could to make natural leather biker pants look soft and sexually tight. It has been reached with the help of special cut, zip elements and elastic band inserts. Quilted, suede or perforated inserted elements have also added some novelty to womens motorcycle pants look.

As we see, new seasons biker pants for women became more sexual, highly combinable and expensive looking and this couldn’t be underestimated by fashion conscious and self-reliant lovers of biker style clothes.