Leather Trousers Men

What suits best to wear with leather pants: The match up for him

Today’s leather trousers men are designed for brutal and confident persons who prefer strict, military and casual styles and appreciate practicality and comfort. In the field of high fashion they got their rightful place among the collections of such world-known designers as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Gucci, YSL, Martin Margiela and a lot of other famous couturiers. The wide variety of cuts and colors shown on the catwalks allow leather trousers fan choosing an ideal pair for any type of figure and every occasion.

Most popular universal combinations based on straight cut leather pants for men. Classic straight cut leather trousers men middle landing can make a basement of thousands trendy looks. There are some combinations which are most frequently used and most popular among young and mature men, office workers and sportsmen, students and artists. They usually consist of leather pants combined with shoes and a belt of the same color and a matching top which can be presented by a light or bright colored shirt, a monochrome or printed sweatshirt, a thin sweater or a turtleneck, a coat (frock coat) or a vest. Such sets always are practical and comfortable and, at the same time, they look elegant and creative.

Choosing the matching piece of outerwear is the most important thing for creating midseason images. The best variant is to purchase a coat or a jacket made of leather or textile of the matching color (in this season modern designer offer leather trousers’ fans a much more wide range of colors than ever). Having made such a set you will need just several tops for different occasions: light colored monochrome ones for some formal event and bright colored or printed for some informal get-togethers.

If you have already got a pair of classic leather trousers men in your wardrobe choose another one of another color such as olive or brown for making universal casual looks and deep blue or red if yo like to attract views. As to the cut, this season you can find a lot of interesting shapes in modern catalogues: oval silhouetted leather trousers, cropped models, tight pants and leather slacks. If you like unusual publicity and aren’t afraid to arise the attention of passers-by choose one of biker, cowboy or military style inspired leather pants and combine them with an appropriate jacket and a set of tops.

For example, fringed cowboy style trousers it is better to combine with a matching colored fringed leather jacket (by the way, such jackets are quite popular this season), a checkered shirt or a rough knitted sweater and, of course, a pair of cowboy shoes.

Military style lovers may combine straight cut leather trousers with flap pockets or lacing and military coat made of textile. To complete the set it is better to use simple tops of traditional military colors (black, khaki, navy and so on). Do not forget to purchase an appropriate style pair of shoes.

Biker image is one of the most expressive, no matter if you are a motor head or just a fan of the style. To create it, buy a pair of leather pants with zips, pockets and essential knee reinforcements, a traditional biker jacket which is all the range this autumn,  and examine your wardrobe to find biker inspired T-shirts and sweatshirts, knitted sweaters or hoodies. Get a pair of metal detailed biker shoes, and the most brutal and sexy look is ready.