Leather Motorcycle Pants For Men

What new designs and trends make this season biker pants funky

Biker pants have always looked cool as being a biker has always been considered to be cool. Thick fabric with rough seams, specific design and protective elements attach biker pants’ attach the owner a brutal, sexy and a little badass look. During some time after beginning of biker trousers manufacturing the trend began its triumphal procession all over the world.

As a result, women’s motorbike pants appeared, and a little later designers began to borrow symbolic trousers for their new collections so biker style became classics and was shared with fashion conscious people all over the world the same way as its predecessor “military”. Now any fashionist can use denim or leather motorcycle pants for some everyday or going out occasion. Biker pants now are not just a symbol of belonging to biker culture but the way of showing individuality and aspiration of being an informal and stylish person.

The coolest models of a new autumn- winter season

This season modern designers presented on catwalks new models of biker pants. As a whole, they can be characterized by their high combinability and sexuality. Modern biker pants look like pieces of casual clothes even more than pieces of biker equipment. Anyway, most of designer and manufacturers try to keep the traditional five-pocket design and protective function. Let use observe all the new biker pant funky trends established by well-known fashion houses.

Leather pants for real bikers

Bikers of old school who consider motor riding to be part of their lives and keep their traditions will never change old good leather for any other material. This season biker clothes manufacturers offer them leather motorcycle pants which are softer, thinner and tighter than ever before. Metal details and flap pockets are substituted by false pockets and perforated, quilted or suede inserts. Traditional zips and buttons remain on their places. Having changed the trends, designers didn’t forget about comfort and protective features this is realized with the help of elastic waistbands and leg cuffs, sealing pads on the knees. Lovers of experiments will find in new autumn-winter catalogues leather pants of original brown, green and grey shades.

Denim models for informal style fans

Jeans have always been a symbol of informal style clothes. Fans of rock, rap and hip hop music also give their preferences to denim clothes, and, in particular, denim biker pants. New trendy biker or biker-friend jeans feature middle or high landing, slim cut and minimalistic details. Stretch cotton is widely used for their manufacturing. The choice of colors can satisfy any taste: it includes classic black and indigo, deep brown and mustard, grey and bottle green. The newest trend of denim biker fashion is the use of wax covered jeans fabric or patina jeans.

Stretch cotton skinnies for smart casual lovers

Casual style implying high versatility and, at the same time, unusual and expensive look of things, affected almost all styles-predecessors, from classics to sports. The result of biker style influenced by casual is the appearance of biker-like skinnies made of soft and thin stretch cotton. In such models extra lining on the knees is used just as an element of decoration. These slim fit trousers may also feature a few zips and pockets, specific stitching, inside pockets and slight dyed or fray effects. These pants can be easily combined with any piece of a wardrobe.

In new autumn-winter season every biker style fan will find an ideal lot for him, either leather motorcycle pants or biker-like cotton skinnies.