Black Leather Pants

News designs and trends in leather pants: What’s the latest for this season

Natural and authentic, pleasant to the touch and slinky, natural leather remains at the top of the rankings rank of most popular materials for new fall-winter season.  You can hardly pass a street not to meet a man or a woman wearing some leather piece. And, if during several previous seasons all the attention was paid to leather jackets and coats, this time there came the finest hour for leather trousers.

It’s not a wonder that world known designers made their choice in favor of leather trousers: leather is known as a natural material featuring perfect protective properties, it is windproof and waterproof, keeps warmth of the body in cold weather and prevents from getting hot when it is very warm. It shows all the beauty of a figure and looks vintage and expensive.

Some time ago there were few models of leather trousers: black leather pants were attributes of bikers or rock singers.  Now they belong to the fields of high fashion and advanced designers’ thought.

This year autumn began with the emergence on catwalks various models of slim cut leather pants belonging to a wide color spectrum: from beige and pale pink to orange and deep blue. As usual, world famous stars were the first to show new trends of leather pant fashion.

Choice of celebrities

If you are a little afraid to do bold experiments, you can copy the star style and use one of celebrity looks as an example. Just not forget, that stars can sometimes look eccentric. In this case you can copy the style but use more neutral colors. For example, a going out image shown by a German actress Natalie Verner consisting of  light chocolate leather pants and short red jacket can turn into a formal look with the help of changing a bright jacket for a brown, black or beige one.

Electric blue leather trousers like those worn by Khloe Kardashian remind denim skinnies very much so all the combinations of jeans-friendly things with such leather pants will be very successful. Blue pants of leather are almost as combinable as classic black leather pants belonging to star wardrobes of both sexes. For example, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Victoria Beckham and a lot of other celebrities are great fans of classic black colored leather trousers.

They can be worn with tops of nearly all colors and textures: leather or textile jackets of contrast and matching colors, cotton blazers, jersey tunics, knitted sweaters and even lace blouses of all kinds. Speaking about versatility, we can not but mention olive, coffee, bronze and caramel tints which became favorites this autumn. If you try to make a set with the help of such piece as leather trousers colored like that you will quickly verify that they don’t inferior in universality their black and blue analogues.

Neutral colored leather pants will also look attractive and interesting. Let us take one Olivia Palermo’s looks as an example. Light chocolate trousers (you can also choose light grey, caramel, beige or any other pastel tint) combined with a hip length textile blazer of the same color create a formal and, at the same time, very catching image.

Lovers of juicy rich shades will choose from new autumn season’s spectrum such colors as salmon, red and orange, and combine bright leather jackets with matching textile coats or white leather jackets. Choosing such an image you will make the dull season livelier.

Choosing leather pants, don’t forget about new season’s minimalistic tendencies which are manifested in slim cut models and the absence of voluminous details.