Yamaha Jacket

How Yamaha jackets changed styles and design trends this season

The company Yamaha was established in 1887. Who could think, that selling some musical instruments it will sell stylish leather jackets for racing? Nowadays there is a great deal of mentioned jackets, which are adorable by those ones, who adore speed.

This season we may watch some tendency within classic leather jackets, which are changed under the power of many different types of sporty jackets. Bikers’ models are especially spread in the contemporary trends. Bomber jackets also take leading positions and are offered in many designers’ fashion collections.

Simplicity is the main zest of this year’s collections. It is represented in the MT Armour Jacket, which is especially voguish. Nothing patchwork and no redundant elements, but elegant design with logo decorations, such as Yamaha on the back and MT – on the front. The hip length of the Yamaha jacket is convenient for the wearer and makes the look sexy. Two zippers on the sleeves and zipped front, side zipped pockets seem cool within this model and make it super stylish. Elaborate buttoned collar with the Yamaha lettering add some exclusiveness to the mentioned jacket. Each detail has no compromises.

Another classy jacket is MT Tattoo Crossover jacket with lettering Yamaha on the back. It has shoulders protection. The wearer may be also sure, that his elbows will be protected, as well. A dragon tattoo on the sleeves adds some exclusiveness to the model. A traditional stand-up buttoned collar saves classic lines within the design of the Yamaha jacket.

For those ones, who prefer sport riding, there are other Yamaha jackets in blue, red or white colours. For instance, R1 jacket with a round neck is enough popular among motorcyclists. Its adjustable waist makes the look sexy. Highlighted logo on the sleeves and lettering Yamaha and R over the chest, zipped pockets open a lot of abilities to be trendy all the time. This classic motorcycling model is timeless and helps the wearer to feel himself a cool biker.

Another racing Yamaha jacket is R6. It is created in red colour, so bold people may chose this bright model for enjoying riding. It also may be chosen in blue shade. Such jackets may be teemed with a pair of leather Yamaha pants. Safety pads, elbows of such jackets bring the opportunity to be protected while racing. The back is also super protected.

Now, let us see how Yamaha jackets changed styles and design trends this season. It is necessary to point out the main design trends of this season which have stylish design. 

Dsquared2 black leather jacket with stylish zipped sleeves on the cuffs and stand-up collar has a resemblance with Yamaha black leather jackets. The designer offers to wear such jacket in pair with low slung trousers and a black cap. Such look is a nice option for young people, but this jacket is appropriative for adults, as well. So, the wearer can underline the hooligan style or a classic one.

Classic black leather jackets are introduced by Vivienne Westwood. The designer offers a cool combination of this jacket with loose black leather pants. A buttoned collar of the jacket alludes to its individual trend of this season. Sporty design of the jacket without any additional hints to its universal features. Such jackets are suited for sport riding and casual wear.

So, this season we may find lots of different types of cool leather jackets. Many design trends are influenced by some popular clothing, for instance, Yamaha jackets. Its voguish look is the right choice of those, who value such types of clothing.