Zac Efron Leather Jacket

What celebrity jackets fans prefer this season- the top 5 celebrity jackets

This season among leather garments we may find lots of new variants of jackets, coats, vests and shirts. Leather fabric powers in many designers’ collections and they offer a great amount of types of jackets. The colours are various – from classic black, brown, burgundy or white to olive, hacky, blue, turquoise, red, yellow, sand, camel, tan and green. Each tone is up to an individual smart.

The most spread leather jackets are often copied at celebrities, who wore them while filming, performing on the stages or attending a party, being caught by paparazzi outside or at the airport etc.

Of course, the first position may be given to a biker jacket, which may be worn in pair of leather, denim, velvet or woolen pants (like Kim Kardashian). Women also team such jackets with leather skirts or hip-hugging knee-length dresses, like Cindy Crawford does, underlining her sexy look, mixing elegant and biker styles in one appearance. Many other top models, actors and actresses attract their mesmerizing look while wearing flying jackets, which are represented in the collections of this seson.

A brown Star-Lord leather jacket, being worn by Chris Pratt in the movie “Gardians of the Galaxy” has also become desired by many fans. Its classic design and simple shape without any decorations, except the pocket on the sleeve, hypnotizes the admirers of the actor and makes them follow his look.

The next comfortable jacket, worn by Megan Fox in “Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie opened a new look for those ones, who adore yellow shades and casual things. Zipped to end cuffes and snap tabbed collar are a zest of it. This bright jacket is for young persons, attracting sunny mood and making it better in the fall. The main character of Megan Fox wears this jacket with skinny jeans, a T-shirt and hooded sporty blouse underneath.    

It is necessary to point out about Zac Efron leather jacket, which being worn by him in the movie 17 again. The jacket is tailored of creased leather of black colour and shows a new look for teenagers. This is a nice choice for snappy dressers, who may copy the appearance of Zac Efron, combining his classy leather jacket with a tee and a tie. The jacket makes the new trend with two sleeve line pockets and a flap buttoned waist, which reminds the flap buttoned collar.

This season fans prefer celebrity jackets, copied in X-men Days of Future Past Movie. Cropped brown leather jacket makes the look sexy and only bold persons can afford themselves to wear it in team with shirts. Being a super fashion hit of this season, this jacket underlines, that brown colour is timeless for leather outfit and reminds retro look with updated elements, such as collars, which organically transfer the past into the future. 

Marvelous looks thanks to the leather jacket brings fresh inspiration when people wear them in team with surprisingly cool things. Exciting appearance thanks to the material, colour and design of clothing come to style with different elements such as pockets, collars, zippers, studs and buttons. As we see classic lines without any sophisticated and edgy glamoures tips are the main within mentioned leather apparel.  

All these slim-fit jackets are wearable in everyday life and make the look eye-catching because of their hip length, silhouette and colours, durable material. So leather jackets are not only Hollywood favourites, but they are also spread among the general populace. Such accessories as scarves, gloves, hats and caps will add some zest to the whole trendy look.