X Men First Class Leather Jacket

The top 5 celebrity jackets from movies this season

For those who want to look cool, jacket from movie is a necessary article of clothing. Modern and old movies dictate today fashion trends.  For example, biker jacket in movies has undergone many interpretations - from the uniform in “Scorpio Rising” to a mandatory attribute of punk rock style or simply convenient clothing on the shoulders of Marianne Faithfull in a film “Girl on a motorcycle” (1968). In the end, it came to light in the film “Fight Club” and later became a symbol of postmodern fetish consumerism in the movie “Drive ". This article highlights the five trendiest jackets from old and modern movies which are popular to wear this season.

A grate number of the regular cinema goers probably payed attention to Nicolas W. film “Drive”,which was released in 2011. There is one thing that is very noticable: it is white sateen jacket with a big picture of the scorpion on the back. Ryan Gosling himself came up with the design of silk quilted jacket with a scorpion embroidered on the back for his character in "Drive". According to the actor, he was inspired by Korean souvenir jackets of the 50s. Gosling`s hero does not remove the jacket during the film, giving the opportunity for the viewer to see it from all angles.

Indiana Jones and his brown leather adventurer jacket are both unforgettable.This film jacket comes to fashion in the “Holy Grail”. Beaten, scratched and worn out jacket serves as an outer, visual reminder of the fact that a man who wears it likes adventures. But the most important thing is that in such jacket you will always look manlike.

The film “Runaways”, released in 2010, made a fashion revolution in women`s clothing: especially in women`s jackets. Costume designer Carol Beadle has done an excellent work creating a clothing of glam rock style for the girl band “The Runaways”.  Joan Jett (Kristen Stewart) wears an excellent leather jacket here, but all the attention steals pink jacket with padded shoulders, in which she began a solo career. The short jacket of such cut highlights the lines of the slim women`s figure and the bright color highlights you from the crowd.

Tom Cruise, military fighter pilot in the film “Top Gun” repeatedly appears in a leather flight jacket, created on the basis of the flight jackets of the 60s with old-fashioned red collar. The jacket has 17 stripes and a brooch with the emblem of the US Navy. It is in trend even today. An exact copy of this jacket is still manufactured by “Cockpit”.

After the great success of the film “X-men: First class”, Charlie L. has introduced, for all the fans of the movie X-men,  X Men First Class Leather Jacket which was worn by Michael F. X-men first class leather jacket is made of cowhide leather, has quilted lining and is available in black and brown colors. It is comfortable and practical due to it`s front zipper and two inner pockets. In such jacket you will always look like a superhero.

Famous film jackets are always in trend and help to create a unique and everlasting look. When there is a popular movie jacket, there are always people who want to get it. I hope this article will help you to look cool and stay warm this autumn by wearing one of the trendy movie jackets.