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The fashion trends which started with popular movies: the best 5

Fashion can be born not only on the catwalks. Since the appearance of cinematography at the beginning of the XX century movie and fashion have been walking side by side and sharing ideas of how to look gorgeous. History knows a lot of movies where the heroes make their contribution becoming style icons and creating new trends. A nice example is the leather jacket that appeared on the catwalks after release “I Am Legend” with the Will Smith jacket. Just type in Google Will Smith jacket and various Internet sites will appear on your screen offering you to buy this piece of garment. Elegant clothes, unusual hairstyles, bright makeup – this is what usually catches our attention and makes heroes a model to follow.

We offer to your attention top five trends that influenced the fashion industry.

-Trends of Audrey Hepburn

Incomparable Audrey Hepburn, who played the eccentric and super-stylish Holly Golightly in the cult film "Breakfast at Tiffany's," (1961) returned the fashion for a simple black dress. It became popular due to its universality, as a black dress can be worn for a walk, reception or visiting a café. In this film, as in many others, Audrey wears outfits from Givenchy. He, one might say, created the famous style of Audrey, who is still copied by fashionistas: little black dress, Ballet flat, big sunglasses. To complement the style, she wears pearls.

-Angélique, Marquise des Anges

The famous bra "bal?onette" came into vogue after the movie Angelique - marquise des anges, 1964. Lovely Baroness de Sens starring by Michel Mercier, flaunts in corsets, opening her chest. Bra "bal?onette" as if created to showcase the neckline, it is endowed with wide-set straps, underwire and foam tabs. The bra covers only half of the breast and gives the "push up" effect. It seems that the bra is somewhat small. This movie made a revolution in manufacturing bras and made women even more attractive.

-Trends of Elizabeth Taylor

1963 – is the year of a new movie coming out on screens starring Elizabeth Taylor and title of the film is “Cleopatra”. Thanks to this film Taylor became a trendsetter. After "Cleopatra" makeup in the Egyptian style came into vogue, which was called "Cleopatra's eyes." It involves making eyes sensitive and expressive. To do it you have to paint long arrows with dark eyeliner and apply the shadow of bright contrasting palette on the eyelids.

     4. “Sex and the City”

It can be said that thanks to Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, women all over the world became interested in this fashion - fashion catwalks. While the serial was on TV, its loyal fans wore nominal chain, adorned clothes with artificial flowers, like Carrie, bought real and fake handbags from fashion designers, dreamed of expensive shoes from Manolo Blahnik, which acquired wide fame thanks to costume designer Patricia Field.

     5. Twilight

The last movie that has had its influence on fashion - it's a movie about vampires, called "Twilight» (2008). After the film's release vampire aesthetics came into vogue. Leading brands, to the delight of the Goths and the fans of "Twilight" began to produce one after another nail polish, lipstick and lip gloss of black color. As a result, one can find a black lipstick in the Chanel collection of 2009. This movie has influenced not only the make up, dark colors prevail in clothes as well.