Thriller Jacket

The evergreen fashion trends of MJ- The best

It goes without saying that king of pop music had left an entire stag in world’s pop culture. Moreover, Jackson’s heritage presents not only world famous hits and “moon walk”. His weird movements and high voice, fedora hat and white socks, one glove and glittering jackets found millions of fans all over the world. His hits has become classics of pop style and his clips are considered to be masterpieces of clip making art and elements of his clothes’ style are demanded fashion trends which are going to become eternal.

Most demanded and evergreen MJ fashion trends

Frankly speaking, most of MJ trendy schticks didn’t leave the runways just after their appearance. All of them find numerous fans today so we can just make a list of most iconic trends.

-Padded jackets

Jackets with emphasized shoulders appeared to be the first and most noticeable MJ trends. After early Jackson’s appearances on public leather and silky padded jackets, bombers and baseball jackets haven’t left the runways and our wardrobes. The most demanded model is rightly considered MJ thriller jacket that emerged in “Thriller” video in 1983.  the design of this famous piece of clothes was created by Deborah Landis who made iconic Indiana Jones waistcoat. The most distinguishing and recognized features of Jackson’s thriller jacket are its bright red color, black inserts, “M” symbol and a lot of zips. Contrast inserts and attracting views red jackets can be found in top designers’ collections of a new cold season.

-Shortened trousers

7|8 length trousers showing MJ snow white socks and stylish shoes became an evergreen unisex trend of clothes. Every new autumn collection demonstrates such models which are widely used by smart casual lovers of both sexes.

-King’s red

Red color very much beloved by King of Pop was considered to be color of the decade in 80-es after a famous Jackson’s clip on “Beat it”. New season’s collections contain a lot of models performed in all tints of red – coral, salmon, firebrick and so on.  Use of bright radiant colors for cold season collections gives fashionists an opportunity of looking attractive in dull and cool weather.

-Leather costumes

After Marlon Brando, Elvis Presley, Hugh Jackman and other outstanding figures, Jackson was the next to popularize this noble natural material. Numerous replicas of his scenic costumes made of leather have been greatly demanded for people who love comfort and try to emphasize their sexuality. Every fashion conscious person knows that leather is the most popular material of a new season.

-Military style

Military jackets with epaulettes epaulettes and button closure rhinestones and medal imitations were first observed in MJ wardrobe after 1984, when the singer got his eight “Grammies” for his famous “Thriller”. Since then military models or elements have been present in every autumn-winter collection of outerwear. Military models emphasize mannish and athletic traits when used for men’s clothing articles and make women’s figures look extremely sexual and fragile. Who knows, if fashionists all over the world would pay so much attention to military trend without MJ’s sensational looks…

-Fedora hat

A constant attribute of Jackson’s image was so positively accepted by the fans that caused the appearance of numerous replicas both for men and women, cold or hot seasons. This summer we could find in modern catalogues a lot of outfits, completed by white textile and straw fedoras and during new season felt or leather fedoras are not going to leave their positions.

Having summed up everything above, we can come to a conclusion that MJ’s image is so signed that any trendy part of it, either thriller jacket or aviator glasses can be considered evergreen and successfully used for creating fashionable looks.