The Crow Jacket

Movie Characters which changed how fashion trends look like

Fashion is very interesting, complex and multifaceted concepiont. Many designers, celebrities, heroes of movies and serials form and influence on fashion throughout the world. Some models of clothes, shoes, accessories, some colors, textures, styles are classic and very popular. We have selected some of the most striking variations of the famous films and its heroes who greatly influenced the world of fashion trends.

The Crowjacket has become very popular soon after the appearance of the film. Long black leather jacket has become a classic. This jacket has a double triangular collar, closure by buttons, two pockets outside on the waist and two pockets inside the jacket. Also this coat can have a belt. Inner material of lining can be viscose Leather. The Crow jacket entered the fashion collections and became one of the most popular outerwear for people worldwide.

Jacket of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film «Terminator» has become a real classic and eternal impact on high fashion. Jacket resembles rock style and the style of biker jacket. Jacket has double triangular collar, several internal and external pockets with zippers, one long lock-side zipper. Jacket is decorated with several metal buttons, which gives it rock chic. There are a belt on the jacket that can charge. This jacket has long been a classic among black leather jackets. This jacket of Terminator inspires many designers around the world.

Tom Cruise in the movie «Top Gun» returned to the world of fashion the flight jacket. This jacket is incredibly popular right now in various forms and combinations. Jacket has fur on the triangular collar. Also jacket has two front pockets, a zipper-lock front, many stripes. Features of the flight jacket is a rubber inserts on the sleeves and bottom jacket that prevents cold, wind, rain to penetrate the body. Jacket is sewn with brown skin. Now these jackets are sewn with colored leather and textile for man and woman.

Uma Thurman in the movie "Kill Bill" wears an elegant yellow leather jacket. Jacket has quickly become popular throughout the world. The style of this jacket is reminiscent to the style of motorcycle jacket for women. Jacket is very interesting and sophisticated. It has inserts of black stripes and a few patches. Also fashionable jacket has stand-collar with a button-lock zipper, button closures at the bottom of the jacket. Jacket has a feature - rectangular inserts of firmer leather on the surface. This jacket very influenced on the style and fashion of women biker jackets worldwide.

Kristen Stewart in the movie «Runaways» performed the role of the famous Joan Jett. Kristen wears stylish and interesting clothes in the style of glam-rock. Kristen wears a classic black jacket rock. But heroine of actress returned to life iconic pink jacket, which became very popular. This jacket is very stylish, bright and fresh. Many designers have used its free style and bright color to create their own collections.

Audrey Hepburn in various films, including «Breakfast at Tiffany's» and «Charade», cemented eternal fashion long jacket with cloth and coats. Outerwear of heroines of Audrey Hepburn is made of cashmere. Coats are direct or fitted cut. Almost all of them have stand-collar or no collar at all. Heroines of actresses choose such colors as orange, blue, yellow, beige. All models of clothing from classic movies are recognized worldwide. Each character look is unique, elegant and sophisticated.

Heroes of cult films are often characters in the history of fashion, style and beauty. The most interesting and original ideas significantly influence on fashion throughout the world. However, these ideas can help everyone create their own unique style with the addition of personal items.