Steve Mcqueen Jacket

Jackets made iconic by movies - The top 5

Each leather thing from the films is a triumph that is underlined by fans and lovers of this fabric in everyday life. Lots of variants of jackets became popular thanks to the films and spread among the fans. Let us look through the five top celebrity jackets, which are always in fashion and help their wearers to stand out the crowd.

1. Steve mcqueen jacket

Let us remind about a popular Steve McQueen jacket, which is appropriative for people, respecting riders and mechanics styles. As they say, these are the timeless jackets which inspire those ones, who value comfort through the love to biking. This jacket is definitely deemed as one of the top 5 iconic pieces of clothing in fashion industry. The main characteristics of Steve McQueen jacket, which help it to stay in mode until nowadays are a shirt collar and antique look. It is tailored of shabby leather material. Knitted waist and cuffs add some exclusiveness. Two flap bottom pockets are convenient and the wearer can keep lots of knick-knacks there. 

2. Capitan America jacket

Vintage look is popular and original both among celebrities and their admirers. Genuine leather material and retro or updated shape is that zest, which brings sophisticated and awesome look and adds some vintage elements to the wearers. Here we may point out a classy Capitan America jacket, which design is still in mode. The main characteristics of the jackets, such as YKK zippers, flap pockets and its brown colour help it stay popular.

3. Katniss jacket

Movie jackets may be though influential and extensively popular thanks to the lovers of the films, because the last disseminate cool leather clothing among the crowd. Each person chooses the individual way of wearing the jackets. Let us talk of a katniss jacket of brown colour, which is adorn by women, who like wearing pants and comfortable, but at the same time, elegant jackets. The main details of the jacket may be easily loved because they help to create a trendy look. So, the jacket has a simple snap collar, snap pockets at the bottom. It is comfortable and stylish thanks to the back vents and gathered back waist.

4. Smallville jacket

Not less popular is a smallville jacket, which underlines the figure of a handsome actor and makes the jacket more popular among the fans. It became a trend alert and always helps the wearers to stand out the crowd. Such jacket is a nice version to be teamed with tees and skinny jeans. The padded jacket is extremely popular because of its symbol S Superman on the front.

5. Terminator jacket

Everyone remembers a legendary voguish terminator jacket. This biker style is still in fashion and this season it may be deemed as the direction of the fashion industry. As leading fashion creators demonstrate rock tones, snappy dressers copy the look of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The jacket is popular thanks to its classy model, lots of zippers, rough leather material, double winged collar and snap buttons, which decorate the collar. Buckled belt of the cropped jacket helps to underline the figure of the wearer. Mentioned jacket is a cool model to be worn both for motorcycling and attending parties.

The mentioned movie actors wear their popular leather jackets in team with leather pants, denims attire, tees and shirts. Some celebrities create an individual look, putting on a cool leather jacket, which becomes the number one fashion hit among the fans.

So, different types of leather jackets were made famous thanks to the movies, and still take leading positions in fashion collections of many top designers.