Star Trek Jacket

What top movies trends in leather jacket popular this season

The trend of leather jacket never loses its demand. Each season, out of all the fabrics that may lose their importance once in a while, leather remains the all the time favorite piece of fabric. The reason why is the versatile nature of this fabric and how it perfectly complements with all types of looks and styles. The designs and styles in leather are also inspired by different movies. Celebrities and their designers seem to have a great love and passion for leather. We see a lot of movies where celebrities playing extremely different and versatile look wear leather jackets as their main and character defining costume, For instance, the James bond jacket for thrill, the mission impossible jacket for fearlessness etc. Among all these famous movie inspired jackets are the star trek jackets that have spread a craze among youth in the fashion market this season.

Being probably the most famous sci fi TV series, it has mesmerized and haunted people of each generation for years and plans to do so in future as well. There is no counting to the star trek fans, and how much they are inspired by the looks of each character and each hero. It is obvious that such a huge fan list would want to own the replicas and styles of the clothing inspired by star trek cast.

The most famous leather jacket that has been inspired by star trek was worn by the character named Khan, who was popular for the dressing style and his leather coats he wore in the movie named “darkness”. People have literally spent hundreds of dollars in search of that long leather coat for it had a great and unique look. Not only was it famous because of the movie character, but the amazing leather look with perfect combination of lamb skin and polyester lining. Most people who have tried to replicate the designed have failed to do so, because of the originality and perfection of craftsmanship of the coat.

A small description of the coat will be given; it is made up of fine lambskin leather with 100% polyester lining on the inside. There is a front open closure with central vent on the backside. The best thing about this coat is the elasticity. According to the craftsman, it has been stitched with great importance to the details of fitting. Due to the nature of material, the coat is designed to fit into different sizes, however with a look that ensures a nice slim fit. Next, is the length of its sleeves. Most leather coats come with a drawback where the sleeves are shorter than cuffs while sitting, which mean they are cut to the edge. However, if you observe, the star trek jacket remains to have the same length of sleeves when sitting or standing. This also implies that the armhole allows a nice freedom of movement of the arm.

So for all these features, paying a sum of money may be worth it. If you are a real star trek fan, you would defiantly want to own one of the star trek jacket and possibly the one wore by “Kahn. Start your search for the perfect jacket this season; be sure of the quality though.