Rocky Jacket

Leather garments made popular my iconic actors: the top 5

Many famous actors and their characters have become popular thanks to the leather garments. Stylists and designers create looks of rebellious, bold, revolutionary heroes by original leather jackets, pants, overalls. We will list five favorite characters, whose leather jackets in the movies glorified for many generations.

Sylvester Stallone and his character Rocky Balboa from the movie «Rocky» (1976) are located on the 5th place. Black leather jacket with leopard print on the back and warm brown jacket with light fur made popular actor.

Rocky jacket is now known all over the world, it’s ordering for individual tailoring. This jacket perfectly fits for a strong and durable Rocky.

Christian Bale and his character Bruce Wayne from «The Dark Knight» (2008) have made extremely popular black leather jacket with red inserts. The actor holds the fourth position in the ranking. Belstaff fashion house sew this jacket for the film, and every fan of the movie and jacket could afford to buy it. This jacket has a red round leather collar, red leather inserts on the sleeves and red stripes on the pockets. The jacket has a straight cut.

Brad Pitt and his character Benjamin Button in film «The Curious Case of Benjamin Button» (2008) are on the third place of ranking. Again Belstaff designers have developed several jackets for hero Brad Pitt. Brown leather jacket, in which Benjamin went on a motorcycle, is the best option. It is longer than the usual short jacket and has a belt. Also this jacket has collar, lock-zipper, buttons, four pockets. Design of this jacket has become a cult for many years.

Tom Cruise and his character Maverick from the movie «Topgun» (1986) occupied the second position in our ranking. After all, Tom Cruise backed in vogue leather flight jacket. These jackets were created during World War I and a film «Topgun» returned their massive popularity. The jacket has a red fur collar, rubber inserts and a large number of patches (17 pieces).

Marlon Brando and his character Johnny Strabler from the movie «The Wild One» (1958) took the first place in the chart. Designers have created this jacket in 1928, but Marlon Brando made it popular all over the world. Leather jacket is ideally suited for his rebellious hero. The black leather jacket has a belt, lots of zippers. Hero combined jacket with leather cap. After this movie bikers around the world started to wear this jacket and it has become their attribute. This jacket was even banned in schools in protest. Marlon Brando’s jacket has released by a brand Schott Perfecto. Also this jacket has the inscription on the back - «BRMC» (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), and a skull with crossbones.

The research the history of cult films shows that leather jackets were often used to create legendary looks. In addition to the five leaders of top, it is worth mentioning of a few iconic leather jackets. Film «Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man» (1991) and actors Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson made popular black and red motorcycle jackets. Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie «Terminator» (1984, 1991) made popular black biker jacket. Nicolas Cage in the movie «Ghost Rider» (2007) also wore a interesting leather biker jacket that fans love around the world. Uma Thurman in the movie "Kill Bill" (2003) made popular female yellow leather biker jacket. Brad Pitt in the movie "Fight Club" wore a stylish red leather jacket. The heroes of Gary Oldman and Chloe Webb in the film «Sid and Nancy» (1986, about the group The Sex Pistols) wore iconic rock punk leather jackets with lots of chains and zippers.

Leather is a unique material that makes everyone’s look special and unique in the world of cinema and in everyday life. Actors, singers and other celebrities often wear leather clothes. The leather is able to create iconic look, which is always popular and famous. You can choose the style of Rocky jacket or jacket from «Topgun» or any other and sew a jacket to order or find similar in the vintage store.