Resident Evil 6 Jacket

How video games can change fashion styles - The changing trends

Nowadays popular movies and video games create a new fashion line for those ones, who follow the main characters. The last ones become the trendsetters in fashion world, bringing fresh ideas of leather garments, which are quickly spread among populace.

Different styles and fashion trends are shown both by young people and adults.     Teenagers are aware of latest tendencies and underline updated types of jackets faster. So, they demonstrate ever best looks with voguish essentials, representing fashion styles from video games. It is necessary to point out that the colours of the jackets, which are offered in video games are usually classic and allude to retro shades. Grey, red, black or brown are the most spread in the video games clothing and still take leading positions in real fashion industry. Shabby tones are also especially popular.

Let us count the most popular video games leather jackets, which are popular and adorable among the gamers. They may be really deemed as fashionable things, which have a great power in the fashion world.

1. Resident evil 6 jacket

Wearing such clothing as resident evil 6 jacket, the video game hero demonstrates a special stylish thing, which is adorned with four large pockets on the chest and at the bottom of the jacket. These four pockets underline the exclusive design of the jackets. There are also two horizontal zip pockets between 4 mentioned ones. A snap collar attracts the stylish part of this sophisticated iconic jacket. Such type of clothing is adorned both by young people and is suitable for adults. It may be teamed with leather pants or denim trousers. In the video game the resident evil 6 jacket was worn over the shirt. The epaulettes on the shoulder decorated it either.

2.Akira jacket

For those ones, who like bold colours, a red akira jacket is a nice decision., creating a new fashion culture. As for Akira jacket, it is also extremely adorned by the lovers of the game. The jacket is decorated with the picture of the pill on the back. Some words, written round it, create a special look of the wearer. First of all it is an unusual stylish jacket, which is especially trendy among young people. Its bright colour and stylish design with some decorations makes the model unique.

3. Mafia 2 leather jacket

Not less popular is a shabby brown flight jacket from Mafia 2 video game. Mafia video game jacket is especially popular this season because of mechanic theme in leather fashion. This bomber jacket has no special decorations. Its shirt collar gives the jacket some retro look. In the game the combination of the jacket with classic pants and a shirt dictates traditional style which is still in vogue. The jacket may be also worn in team with a pair of blue jeans and trainers or patent shoes. For those who like biking, there are many other variants how to combine such type of leather jackets. For instance it will be cool to put on leather pants in pair with the jacket of a brown shabby colour. So, this season we are especially influenced the fashion of Mafia video game jacket or the fight club jacket.

The details are sometimes the main features, which make the admirers underlining trends from the movies or video games. Worthy examples of the jackets are offered by Balmain mens collection, in which realistic and extravagant jackets are decorated by large buttoned and zipped pockets with hints to military themes. A hacky leather hooded jacket with four large pockets reminds some elements of resident evil 6 jacket but is much updated.