Michael Jackson Bad Jacket

Celebrity jacket trends which changed fashion concepts and ideas

Everyone follows the fashion trend that their favorite celebrity once flaunts in any of the events. Who does not want to look like or copy their favorite celebrities? Suppose, you are a great fan of Rihanna, and you saw her in a very different avatar in one of her recent videos. Would you not want to look like her? Obviously, you would do anything to look like her. You would do you make ups or hairstyles or even dress ups just like her and boast it around among your friends.

Fashion, like everything else in this world is very dynamic. It keeps changing with time. There was a time when fashion was about vintage gowns and formal tuxedos. That was the era of lords and ladies. Only rich people had their fashion trend and the poor had to wear rags all the time. But that was a very long ago. World has changed too much ever since then. Even in last half a century, fashion has changed itself too much. From the way people dress up to the way they do their hair and make ups. Everything has changed, more than anyone can even imagine. And, the celebrities, TV stars, actors, pop stars etc. have played a very important role in changing the fashion trend along with time.

Every celebrity has their own style and sense of fashion. And it becomes a trend as their fans start copying them. The jackets, pants, dresses, shirts, shoes, tuxedos, and many other accessories like watches, bags, necklaces, etc. are the fastest spreading trends inspired and influenced by our celebrities. One of such famous jackets that has become a trend ever since it has come to the limelight, is Michael Jackson bad jacket. This jacket was first worn by the music legend who invented the very famous “Moon walk”, legendary Late Michael Jackson in his music video of the song “Bad”. This jacket was a studded leather jacket that gave a really cool look to Michael Jackson in the music video. Various designs of leather jackets were made very famous by Late Michael Jackson in his videos. He had a unique style of wearing leather jackets. And definitely he had billions of fans all over the globe who wanted to copy his style even if they could not do the famous moon walk. This is what made a trend of Michael Jackson leather jackets very famous during his time.

There was once a time when a lot of movies related to wars and mafia were made. For these movies, the actors had to look tough and really badass. This was the time when long leather jackets, overcoats, long boots etc. came into fashion. One of such famous trend was inspired by the legendary actor, best known for his movies like The Godfather, Marlon Brando. Marlon Brando leather jackets were very famous among bikers as it was very good and safe for bike riding. Various legendary actors ever since then have been creating a history and a fashion trend. The new yet famous actors of now have also flaunted various designs of leather jackets in the silver screen and different events. But, the fashionable Michael Jackson bad jacket have always been everyone’s favorite till now. Fashion is anything you wear that you are comfortable with, so this season do not hesitate to try out as many fashionable clothes as you can.