Max Payne Jacket

Celebrity jackets - the top trends this season

It is necessary to point out, that leather clothing is always comfortable and being trendy. Jackets, trench coats, vests and pants always protect our body four seasons a year. When buying a new jacket, we always remember which types are the most fashionable and spread. Celebrities often dictate us their fashion style and demonstrate new and fresh ideas within their look.  Rocky, smallville, max payne jackets are conquering are hearts this season.

Nowadays the variety of stylish things abounds of unique variants of prints and tones. Subdued shades are shown in the collections of many designers and being also worn by general populace.

The top trends of this season are celebrities’ jackets. Kim Kardashian, Sindy Crawford, Celena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez and others demonstrate their love to leather garments. Some of them attract the youth and teenagers’ style within oversized bomber hooded or biker cropped jackets. The last ones take leading positions among classy biker clothing and are worn at any occasions by very important persons.

Biker jackets are offered in many designers collections this year. They differ by their types of collars, the amount of zippers, modernized belts and buckles. Some jackets are decorated with studs or sequins on the collars and being the best choice to be put on the stage not only for rock stars, but also pop singers and others. For those ones, who try to demonstrate their figure, a cropped variant of the jacket is a cool piece and it may be paired with any part of clothing. Some stars wear it in team with skinny jeans or leggings; others prefer loose pants or moreover miniskirts and dresses underneath.     

Don’t hesitate while buying an aviator leather jacket, which is popular among David Beckham, Jaz-Z and other celebrities. Mentioned guys wear these jackets in their own way. The first demonstrates classic lines in his style, focusing our attention on the accessories, such as caps and scarves. Such jacket we find in the collection of Neil Berret. Best R&B singer Jaz-Z, for example, propagates swag elements within his look, wearing loose cuffed pants, caps, chains and bomber leather jackets. His style is copied by many teenagers and quickly spreads in the fashion world. 

As for movie jackets, they are always in vogue. This season we may see renewed max payne jacket, terminator, captain America and other versions. Especially trendy are long jackets with buttons and a vintage slim fit silhouette with double collar. Classic style and elegant look, attracted in jackets, will always create a gorgeous look.

Female celebrities also like masculine elements, wearing leather jacket. They add some feminine to their look, putting on high heel footwear, such as shoes or over-knee boots, which are much popular and being represented in many fashion collections (Alice-Olivia, Carven, Donna Karan, Helmut Lang and others) this season. Teaming with classy gloves and hats, awesome jackets and miniskirts women may risk conquering males’ hearts.

Analyzing top celebrities trends of this season, it is necessary to point out that all the jackets are the designers’ offerings and may be found in the catwalks collections. Some shapes are well known fashion types with new interpretation: with the effect of retro and updated mix. Lots of things are shown as urban jackets, devoted for bold, risky and liberated people.

All the articles of clothing, represented in fall-winter collections, are the result of the designers’ craftsmanship, which have included their soul in their devotees. The shades of the jackets are classic, but subdued, so as they attract new emotions and desires to attain serenity and wisdom by the wearer.