Matrix Coat

The coats trends in movies - The most popular trends

This season among the most popular trends are leather jackets of various types. Trench leather coats are also in the centre of latest collection, so each person, who prefers to have things of this material, may buy any.

Did you watch such movies as Republica, Underworld or Matrix? Each mentioned film brought a great popularity to long leather coats, tailored of gorgeous and classic black leather. Hypnotizing matrix coat, being worn by Keanu Reeves, and other coats, are still popular, since the time, they used to be shown, when these films first were broadcasted on TV.

But nowadays there are many updated enchanting types of leather coats and they may be easily underlined by snappy dressers, who adore awesome garments. Many fashion designers, presenting their collections, bring some renewed elements to sophisticated trench coats, changing the length and sewing them of other colours.

This season ladies and males trench coats are offered by Fendi, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Band of Outsider, Brioni and Hermes. Fashion creators underline that that the wearers may show their boldness and sexuality, while putting on the designs. Strictness, added to the coats predisposes extravagant and exclusive look.

Looking at such a great amount of leather jackets and coats, even preconceived snappy dressers will find that elegant variant, they need. So, leather coats become more spread and popular, becoming indispensable attributes in the wardrobe. It is so because they protect all body from wind and rain. If there is a fur collar, then it is the nicest thing, you have ever dreamt of.

This season designers and fashionmongers pay our attention on the simplicity and classics. Females may combine leather coats with different types of footwear, such as high heel shoes, boots and even high-knee boots. The trilby hat will make the look sophisticated both for men and women. Special accents are made on oversized coats, as well. Some trench coats are decorated with pockets, which are zipped or buttoned. There are belted coats and those ones, being tailored without them.

Among trendy variants of coats we may find straight and trapeze ones. Some designers offer trench coats with a turn-down collar of another color or sleeves, made of another material, such as denim or wool.

Nonstandard colours are especially spread this season, but almost all of them are subdued. Classic black tone demonstrates its popularity for years. There are also blue, brown, burgundy shades in the palette which are devoted to leather clothing.

Both males and females may wear trench coats at the office or attending theatres, putting the thing over the dress or a suit. Too lengthy coats, being not very convenient for casual wear, but suitable for parties, give leading positions and are enough popular among celebrities. They are worn by Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and others. Some VIPs as Rihanna and Rita Ora demonstrate too much leather, wearing black leather pants in pair with the trench coat.    

So, the most popular trends are particularly fashionable when being worn by movie actors or singers, because all their fans try to steal the best idea how to combine any coat. Females can make a zest, choosing a nice handbag. Men also show their individuality, remembering of ethnic accents and necessary accessories.

When going for shopping and choosing something trendy like matrix coat, average people have to underline such main features as beauty, protection and extravagance. Of course, black color is the most appropriate for any occasion.