Mad Max Jacket

The iconic jackets inspired by movies-- The top 5 celebrity jackets

Humanity has always been on the fashion wave. People invented new pieces of garments and updated retro clothing. Lots of jackets, skirts, dresses, vests or pants came to us from the past century and they still take leading positions in fashion industry. If we want to be trendy, we may easily take our predecessors’ articles of outfit and stay stylish.

Celebrities’ jackets, which became iconic ones and inspired lots of admirers of the main characters, especially influence the style of average people. We may copy such jackets in our everyday life and wearing them in our own way. Which of the top 5 celebrity jackets can be underlined for the wardrobe?

-Black widow jacket

Have already watched the movie “Captain America: the winter soldier”? Its characters dictate new style in leather fashion world. Scarlett Johansson amazing look, who’s played the role of black widow, representing a cool brown leather jacket, tailored of shabby material, became powerful among the followers. The design of the jacket is unusual thanks to stylish buttons at the front. Cropped jackets with a waist buckled band is very comfortable for movements and classic lines, at the same time, make it unbelievably classy and elegant. This is a super trendy leather jacket for everyday wear.

2. Captain America jacket

Talking about the color of the movie jackets, which brought popularity to the main heroes of the films, it is necessary to point out, that they are within classic black or brown shades. Let us now remember about Chris Evans caprtain America jacket, which is still in vogue because of its unique design. It is a cool option for those ones, who value flight jackets with a cross full zip at the front. Hip length allows being free in the movements and makes the look sexy. Such jacket may be worn in pair with leather pants and is a nice clothing for riding a bike.

3.Steve mcqueen leather jacket

The design of steve mcqueen jacket is simple but classy. Its brown colour adds some extravagance and is appropriative for people of different ages. Stylish shirt collar, zipped front and knitted waist and cuffs – what else do we need to feel ourselves comfortable and stylish? For those men, who adore flap bottom pockets this model is the best example to be underlined for the closet.

4. Mad max jacket

Mad max jacket was worn in the Australian movie “Mad Max”. The actor Mel Gibson as Mad Max Rockatansky brought extreme popularity to the jacket. The distinctive elements of the jacket are placed on the shoulders as shoulder caps, which may easily become a support for bikers. It was shown the chic look of a biker. The jacket has epaulets to shoulders which make it more elaborate. Mad Max jacket is also cool thanks to its accessories such as emblems, studs and zippers. Loved black colour of the jacket increases the jacket’s power in fashion industry.

5. Smallville jacket

How about wearing cool teenagers’ jackets? When we choose classy ones it seems that smells like teen spirit and such clothing inspires to be young forever. The smallville jacket is the best teenager’s choice. Its S letter, which decorates the front of the jacket, makes it unique. The burgundy colour adds charm to the wearer and allows to combine it with the attire of other colours

So, there is a wide range of cool leather jackets, offered not only on the catwalks, but in the movies and video games, by singers and reality shows’ participants. All of them are trendy and may be chosen by fans for casual wear. And no matter which jacket is worn by you, it is important that it fit you well.