Lethal Weapon Jacket

How iconic are yesteryear celebrity jackets: The top 5 jackets

Jacket is one of the most important and essential items of clothing for each person. Jacket can be mild or warm, leather or textile. It is suitable to different clothes, shoes and accessories. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the choice of jackets, its model and style. Hollywood designers create exquisite and interesting looks for the characters of popular and cash movies. Many styles of jackets films are iconic and classic. We have selected some of the most original and best choices jackets celebrities.

Lethal weaponjacket has become very popular last year. Mel Gibson as Martin Riggs wore this jacket in the movie. Jacket became famous right now, because it is very similar to the style of motorcycle jacket. Jacket is sewn with black leather. Two light strips are placed along two sleeves and end with zippers at the end of the sleeves. Also jacket has long lock-zipper in the middle, two side pockets, stand-collar and is quilted several times along the jacket. Two interesting side mount are placed down jacket to regulate its width. This cult Lethal weaponjacket is perfect for any man and is suitable to any style of clothing.

Anne Hatheaway puts on two iconic models of leather jackets in the film «Get Smart». One model is made of black leather. It has a stand-collar, four front pockets, epaulets, many buttons without zippers. This model is very stylish and perfectly fits to the figure of a woman. Another model of jacket is made with white skin. It have side-locking zipper, three front pockets, decorative buttons on the sleeves, small straps on the shoulders. Two jackets are very fashionable and interesting.

Robert Downey Jr. wears his jacket as a cult hero of the film «Iron Man». Jacket is made of matte black leather. Also jacket has a zipper-lock that is not fully fastened and stand-collar. Jacket has some slanting pockets that add charm to the jacket. Some metal buttons are located on the collar jacket. Also jacket is quilted several times along. Overall jacket from the movie «Iron Man» is a classic, always fashionable and stylish.

Jacket of Ryan Gosling in the movie «Drive» quickly became iconic. Ryan Gosling independently developed design of this jacket. Jacket is made of silk of ivory color, but inside jacket is made of brown fabric. Also collar, cuffs on sleeves, shoulders and bottom part of the jacket are brown. This jacket is quilted, which is a fashionable trend. The feature is yellow scorpion that is embroidered on the back of the jacket. Also two side pockets are placed on the jacket. This Ryan Gosling's jacket is especially actual and trendy.

Daniel Craig as James Bond in «Skyfall» wears a very interesting and original jacket. It is sewn with glossy brown-green leather. It has a classic triangular collar, zipper-lock, two slanted side pockets. Two straps are placed at the bottom of each sleeve. Also jacket is quilted several times along. Adjusting belt is placed on the waist at the back. This is a special feature of the jacket. Jacket is stylish, bold and actual.

Popularity of actors always depends on his or her roles in films. Some actors and actresses are lucky to play the iconic roles that identify them as interesting and talented actors. But iconic role is a complex concept, so clothes, shoes, hair, make-up are very important. Yesteryear iconic celebrity jackets significantly influenced the mass fashion worldwide. Therefore, flight, bomber, motorcycle, vintage, cropped, hooded, quilted jackets are the most popular in the new season. Fashion spreads around the world not once, but several years. Therefore, you should pay attention to the style of famous movie characters, because their style is fashionable and trendy in the new season.