Kill Bill Jacket

Celebrity jackets – What unconventional yet too stylish to ignore

Celebrities often are popular not only for talent, roles or songs, but also for interesting and original style of clothing and shoes. Jackets are one of the most popular types of clothing. Jackets are perfect to dresses, pants, skirts, shorts. Celebrities like to wear stylish jackets that are sewn on their personal orders. That is why many celebrities influence fashion jackets collection of designers and mass fashion. We consider the most interesting models of celebrities jackets.

The famous Australian singer Kylie Minogue is very fond of the original jackets. Hes short and wide leather jacket with small spines is very popular among fashionistas around the world. This jacket is very stylish and perfect for evening out. Actress Katie Holmes prefers stylish white leather jacket. The jacket has a rock style, but at the same time it is delicate and interesting. Katie’s jacket has collar, multiple zippers, straps. Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt likes to wear blue leather jacket of very original design. The jacket reminds blouse, has short length and short sleeves, gold buttons. The gathered leather is on the sleeves and bottom of jacket that makes the jacket very sophisticated. This jacket is perfect for a white blouse and blue jeans. Supermodel Kate Moss is a big admirer of leather jackets. She has a lot of interesting jackets in rock style. She usually wears a jacket of fine black leather and high shoulders that are particularly stylish. Kim Kardashian also likes to wear different jackets. It is worth paying attention to her leather jacket with fur and large decorative buttons and a light jacket of brown color with no zippers, no pockets and no buttons. This jacket is a simple, but very original and unstandart. Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wears a light leather jacket with deep round neckline with not straight leather and straps. Also model prefers colored jackets, for example red. The famous singer and designer Victoria Beckham likes to wear dark green leather jacket. This jacket is partially quilted, has zippers on the sleeves and strong shoulders. Model Kate Upton has a wide variety of jackets. But usually her jackets have a minimum of decoration and are sewn from high quality leather and have bright color. Famous actress Katherine Heigl likes to wear very original brown jacket. Jacket-transformer may have a long or short sleeves, no buttons and is ideal for warm weather. Actress Julianne Moore prefers a very stylish jacket. Her jacket is sewn with leather and suede jackets and down to black fur is attached. The jacket is extremely sophisticated and interesting.

Many heroes of movies dress very stylish and unusual jackets, which became popular and iconic. Hero of Ryan Gosling in the movie "Drive" (2012) wears a silk quilted jacket of light color with a dark collar, sleeves and bottom cuffs. Yellow scorpio is embroidered on the back of the jacket. The character of Uma Thurman in the movie "Kill Bill" (2003) wears a stylish yellow quilted leather jacket. The jacket is sewn perfectly on the figure, has a straight collar, black leather inserts, a few patches. This Kill Bill jacket is very popular in the world. Hero of Tom Cruise in the movie «Topgun» (1986) wears legendary flight jacket with many military patches. After this film aviator jacket again become popular all over the world among both men and women. Nicolas Cage in the movie "Wild at Heart" (1990) wears an elegant jacket of snakeskin. Since then these jackets have become very popular and stylish. Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett in the film «Runaways» (2010) wears iconic pink jacket. This leather jacket of glam rock style with patch shoulders is very stylish and fashionable.

Celebrities always want to look stylish and elegant, but it's a part of their job. They collaborate with well-known and talented designers and stylists who advise them what to wear. You should pay attention to celebrity fashion looks of heroes of films. You'll find ideas for your style (Kill Bill jacket or Joan Jett jacket) and create your unmatched look!