John Lennon Jacket

The jackets made immortal by celebrities - The must have top 5

We all know how much fashion is inspired by the movie stars and other celebrities. The main reason is how what they wear says so much about their personality and character. Having being inspired by something can have numerous reasons; most important one is the love for your favorite celebrity. At times, it may just be the fact that what they wore was so beautiful and attractive that you couldn’t resist but have it, while on the other hand it can be sheer loves that makes you purchase something just in the memory of that person.

There are really a few celebrities who have inspired clothing line so much that it becomes a legend. One such legendary line of clothing was inspired by the director of Beatles, John Lennon. Actually, it was not a line of clothing but a single piece of cloth that got so much fame in the fashion market that the original piece was sold at a price of 7,000 pounds; the John Lennon jacket. According to the news by BBC, the auction started with the highest bid on 1000 pounds and ending around the win of seven thousand pounds.

The tale blue vintage style coat of John Lennon was auctioned in Derbyshire. This jacket was gifted to Tony Goddard on his birthday by John Lennon. For a very long time according to Tony Goddard the jacket was displayed at his old house in the memory of John Lennon, however later he thought a better fan deserved it and so it was auctioned in Derbyshire in 2013.

According to Tony Goddard, the jacket was not really worn by both the owners. The slightly flared sleeves and the mandarin collar however show some signs of rough wearing.

One of the auctioneers of this jacket claimed that it was without any doubt one of the finest made jacket. It had the finest fabric with high quality of protection and strength in terms of fabric quality. The jacket was a fashion statement in time when John Lennon wore it, that was in 1960’s.

The big heart fan who spent such a great amount on this old and used jacket advised the auctioneers to keep his/her name hidden. As per the news, it was women. She claimed that she was a huge fan of Beatles and other than this she has a vast range of collection by Beatles at her home. This shows the fascination and passion of the fans which is not just the love for fashion or clothing but for the people who wore it.

Surprisingly, after such high purchase and standard setting, the jacket is now worth more than 12,000 thousand pounds. Some of the other great fans have tried to contact the lady who bought that John Lennon jacket from the recent auctioneer. However, it is hard to convince such a passionate fan so as expected she rejected the idea.  

The most beautiful thing about such immortal jackets is not the expensive material from which it has been made from but the amount of love fans are ready to put in it. This act of true passion just shows how long these celebrities are going to live, even when they are no longer among us.