Indiana Jones Jacket

Celebrity jackets: The top jacket trends from Hollywood

Among all kinds and types of clothes there are several things tat can became a basement of any image. For example, let us take a jacket which appeared in Middle Ages, and presents an utterly fashionable thing today. In Renaissance period it was an element of mens military costume and now it is an iconic thing and belongs to men’s, women’s and even babies’ groups of clothes at the same time. Top designers pay much attention to this clothing article and often make it a central element of their collections.

There are a lot of materials which are used for jacket manufacturing but leather jackets are always actual and cult. Their popularity rapidly spread in early sixties after the appearance of first masterpieces of world movie industry and world known characters and celebrities. Clothes designed and shown in Hollywood quickly became trend-setting and were copied by numerous fans.

The first movie or pop inspired leather jackets were Elvis’ jacket, Robert Jordan coat (the character was played by Gary Cooper in “For Whom the Bell Calls”) and, of course, Indiana Jones jacket showed by Harrison Ford. Since sixtieth a lot of other celebrity jackets have enjoyed popularity with movie fans and fashionists but old models didn’t lose their actuality and became out-of-time things.

Most popular Hollywood jackets

Marlon Brando motorcycle jacket

This black leather motorcycle jacket belongs to out-of-time things and is still popular with bikers and bohemia persons. It is a classic biker jacket with such distinguishing features like asymmetric zip front, three front zip pockets, epaulettes, studded lapels and a belt. It can make a nice set if combined with black slim fit trousers or jeans, biker or military boots, simple cut T-shirts or sweatshirts.

Harrison Ford jacket

This model, which we have already mentioned, is another top popular out-of-time leather jacket. A unique IndianaJones jacket is easily recognized by its shirt style collar, front pocket that can be used as hand warmers, brass zip and side vents. In spite of its being movie inspired, this brown leather piece of outerwear is quite universal and may be used for creating different classic style and casual looks. It can be worn with classic style trousers and shirts, jeans and sweatshirts, cashmere golfs or V-neck sweaters, classic or casual style boots. Brutal lovers of adventures will definitely like such an impressive thing.

Underworld jacket

This full length women’s black leather jacket model was inspired by famous horror film series the first part of which was released in 2003. The thing worn by Kate Beckinsale as Selene quickly became a fashion sensation and remains top of sales. A little oversized coat made of distressed leather wrap the figure freely. It features classic collar and lapels, font yoke and a bell. Fashionistas all over the world use this model for creating trendy smart casual looks.

Wolverine jacket

The inspired replica of Hugh Jackman’s outfit first shown in “X-Men” is one of modern fashion acquisitions which is going to remain top selling product for a long time in future. A model with stand collar, padded shoulders, two side vents, and tanned stripes on sleeves and inserts on waist attract looks and make the image of an owner easily recognized. Lovers of casual style will look perfect in their Wolverine combined by jeans or khaki trousers and some stylish top.

As we see, top movie inspired jackets are able to influence fashion standards very much and bring many fresh ideas.