Howard Hughes jacket

Celebrity Hollywood costume trends – how practical and what’s the most popular this season

Costumes - this is a new trend in Hollywood. More and more film stars prefer to appear on the red carpet in suits made of satin of red, white or black colors. Classic black costumes are appropriate almost everywhere and always. They make the person look elegant and sophisticated.

If you wear straight-cut fitted trousers and a fitted jacket, you will look very slim.

Hollywood celebrities made such costumes very trendy and can be seen wearing them even on some ceremonies.

The owner of the impeccable taste and refined forms Monica Bellucci adores black suits of classical cut and looks in them, not strange, but very feminine. Also, such suits prefer Jennifer Aniston and Olivia Wilde. Costumes of bright scarlet color and free cut are the favorite trend of many Hollywood celebrities. Such clothing always attracts glances and looks super stylish. That is why bright red costumes are chosen by Penelope Cruz, Black Livy and Ashley Green. White suits are also relevant in the spring and summer.

They are not so hot, because the white color is reflecting the heat. They look smart and are appropriate not only in the office but also at the party. As the white color may make the person look fatter, it should be worn with shoes on high heels of bright colors, it helps to visually align the silhouette. Rita Ora, Emma Thompson, Angelina Jolie are often seen wearing such costumes. Alexa Chung and Olivia Wilde chooses a man's suit with a velvet jacket, and Camilla Belle, Milla Jovovich and Jessica Alba clearly demonstrate with what to wear a men's suit to look very sexy: beige brassiere, transparent top or simply on a naked body.

The Hollywood men prefer jackets and suits of the color of the red wine. It is an identification mark of a trendy person. Shades can be very different from dark cherry to light ruby. The most popular option is burgundy velvet jacket, which can be seen on Darren Criss, Andrew Garf?ld, Dustin Lance Black. Not less popular among celebrities are spectacular costumes from materials with a metallic glint, which came to us from the sharp style of the 80s. In such costume you will definitely stand out from the black and gloomy mass. To wear such a costume, you need to be very confident. Such suits prefer to wear Zac Efron, Matthew Morrison, Michael Fassbender. One more element that stars usually wear with suits is Howard Hughes jacket, which appeared in the movie “Aviator”. Due to Howard Hughes jacket vintage style of the cut it perfectly suits the classical men`s costumes. Wide flapped collar and asymmetrical button closure gives  your look a retro touch. Very often such combination of jacket and suit can be seen on Leonardo DiCaprio, who actually played the personage Howard Hughes in “Aviator”.

Stars wear suits for every day meetings and at important events. The classic black suit is in the wardrobe of mostly every Hollywood celebrity. Celebrities combine classic tweed jackets with jeans, skirts or dark pants. Any lady in such clothing will look luxurious and feminine, and a man elegant and perfect. In the modern world of Hollywood a stylish business suit can become a real fashion salvation for any celebrity, tending to look not only as a successful actress or actor, but also as a person who disassembled in fashion.