Hawkeye Vest

The popular leather vests in movie celebrities - The top 5

Sometimes, when we decide to choose something to complete our wardrobe, we are inspired of different top trendy things, which are shown on the catwalks, but, at the same time, there are lots of variants, which are introduced by popular people. Their look is leading and inspiring for many followers and can add some fresh ideas to the closet.

This season celebrities are directed by leather garments and prefer to wear different pieces of leather clothing. In such a way they prove, that leather is the timeless fabric, which is always in mode and demonstrate all the advantages of leather attire – comfort, convenience and beauty.

As for spread leather types of clothing it is necessary to point out, that both jackets, coats, vests and skirts, pants or dresses are very popular this year. They are demonstrated by very important people while filming, during parties, attending cinemas or different actions. A lot of celebrities prefer to demonstrate unusual, but enough wearable things so that their fans could easily copy the look.

If talking about popular leather vests in movie celebrities, we can say, that they are worn by handsome actors and beautiful actresses in different styles. Movie stars propagate leather vests as the stylish apparel and the thing which may warm and add some classy charm to the whole look as well.

1. Hawkeye vest is enough popular even after the popularity of the film lowers. Such a special design with cool decorations remembers an armored vest, which defends the wearer from different unforeseen situations. The emblem, which adorns the vest, introduces the awesome style and the zippers hint to the updated look within leather vests fashion. The hawkeye vest helps to demonstrate the figure of an able bodied actor.

2.Not less popular is Gerard’s Butler’s leather vest in classic black colour. Sexy look of the actor in Machine Gun Preacher movie is the option for those ones, who combine different styles in their own fashion world. For instance, it may be worn while gathering with friends somewhere in the park or when enjoying riding a bike. Gerard Butler offers to wear this vest over a grey T-shirt and in team with a pair of black jeans, decorated with a silver chain.

3.We may also remember the Cullen Bohannan leather vest, tailored of shabby brown leather within classic design. Buttoned vest with a chain and four pockets was worn over a shirt and still remembers a sophisticated look of the actor in Hell on Wheels film. A trilby hat as an essential accessory, demonstrated in pair with this vest, adds a zest and shows the variant how to look great.   

4.Alec Baldwin in the Rock of Ages movie also attracts an enchanting look. Laced vest is the best variant to show the uniqueness of the style. The actor wears the vest over a burgundy shirt and in team with blue denim pants. This classic look may be wearable in different situations.

5.Let us remember Legend of the Seeker movie. Richard Cooper’s brown leather vest, worn over a grey shirt is the nicest option for the wardrobe of those ones who prefer brown leather garments. Such leather vests are the best choice for classic styles and retro look. The actor wears it in pair with brown pants and high knee leather boots.

So, the top five leather vests, mentioned above, may be chosen by everyone in everyday life. Hypnotizing look of the actors is that one, which is desirable among youth and adults. When buying alike vests, it is necessary to remember of the quality of leather and the colour of the thing.