Ghost Rider Jacket

The Movies which inspired biker apparels and jacket trends: the most popular

This season leather fashion abandons a great amount of leather pieces of clothing. Trench coats, vests, pants, skirts and jackets are offered almost in every fashion collection. There is an influence of the movies garments, which is underlined by lots of fans of the celebrities who demonstrate new tendencies within leather apparel.

The most popular trends among leather jackets are aviator and biker ones. They are adorable by celebrities and average people. Fashion creators show stylish jackets, made of durable fabric, such as animal skins – sheepskin and goats, crocodile etc. For those ones, who prefer casual style, there are many cool options of different lengths.

Cropped jackets are especially in style. Some of them came to us from legendary and popular films and brought a new fashion wave into the world of voguish things. Ghost rider jacket or the jackets of Terminator are popular this year. Their black color attracts the boldness and individuality of the main characters of mentioned movies. Such types of jackets are offered in lots of collections as updated articles of clothing. The main elements of these biker jackets are assymetrical zippers, double winged collars, zipped up cuffs and the belt with a silver buckle, zipped pockets. Both Nicholas Cage and Arnold Schwarzenegger wore these jackets in pair with black leather trousers.

In the collections of fall-winter the designers also propose white, blue or brown biker jackets. Some of them are much modernized and combined with different pieces of clothing, for instance, blue or camel leather pants, strict trousers, as Gucci introduced on the catwalk.    

Not just classic colours are the main this year, but there are some unusual jackets, which are tailored of tan, turquoise, red, pink-powder, burgundy or olive shades. Each person can underline his or her individuality thanks to the color and the quality of leather, so genuine leather is the most appropriative material for those, who value durable and awesome garments.

A lot of biker leather jackets are retrospect in men’s collection of Balmain. The designer showed the main philosophy of leather fashion of this winter – the necessity to keep the wearer in warmth and to make the look of snappy dressers classic but extravagant at the same time. So, flying jackets with fur lining and fur collars may give the feeling of comfort both for bikers and average wearers of a leather jacket.

Females also demonstrate gorgeous look, wearing biker jackets. Dark Angel leather jacket, worn by Jessica Alba conquered lots of fans, who copied the look of the actress. Laced leather pants added some chic to the leather suit and made many people underline an amazing and classy style.

Similar black leather jackets for bikers are shown in the collections of Anthony Vacarello, Tamara Mellon and others. Updated variants of leather jackets for women are offered by Givenchy. Olive colour and fur coat within aviator jacket will make the wearer seductive and feeling comfort while biking or going for a walk. Such jacket may be also worn, as the designer shows, in team with a skirt and high heel shoes. Mixed militarism and classic lines are the best choice for people, trying to create a sophisticated look.

So, there are many movies, which inspired lots of bikers to underline the design of leather jacket. Some people prefer ghost rider jackets or a smallville one; others chose the dark angel jacket. But it is necessary to remember, that it must fit to the figure to avoid a comic look.