Easy Rider Jacket

The jacket which made a trend among bikers - The movie inspired biker jackets

Bikers create a new style in the fashion world. They are inspired by the clothing, offered by top fashion designers and represented by favorite actors in the movies.

Lots of leather jackets became really voguish clothing, which is adored by those, who enjoy riding. Bikers value leather jackets because of their ability to save in cold day during any season. Snow and rain, wind and frost are not so horrible, when wearing a warm leather jacket.

There are many different jackets, which made a trend among bikers. Let us remember Capitan America and his easy rider jacket, Arnold Schwarzenegger, dressed in a cool cropped terminator jacket, handsome Marlon Brando, being dressed in iconic biker jacket, conquering females’ hearts. All mentioned actors brought fresh fashion ideas into the average peoples’ closets.

Not only jackets are usually propagated, but the bottom, which fits well, either. For instance, Terminator wore his biker jacket in team with black leather pants.

This look is so popular nowadays, especially among the bikers and it is deemed as a timeless classic style, and it is created to stay in mode forever. These types of leather jackets are offered by such fashion designers as Burberry Prorsum and they demonstrate some new ways how to wear leather clothing.

Marlon Brando’s jacket is a little bit alike. But it has its own differences. The jacket is decorated with epaulettes and a logo. The actor put the jacket on in pair with a voguish cap that was quickly copied by the fans. He also wore the jacket, teaming it with cuffed jeans and leather boots. Nowadays we may find this type of biker jacket in the collection of Fendi menswear. The designer tries to combine retro and modern tendencies in one jacket, approving that everything new is actually well-forgotten old. The jacket also has a fur turndown collar, which will warm in winter.

As for other types of jackets for those, who like gear, they are shown in many movies as the thing, made in classic style. For instance, easy rider jacket was borrowed by lots of followers and became the favorite thing among snappy dressers. Such jacket with a stand-up collar was striped by the colours of the American flag. These types of leather jackets are well popular in the fashion industry today.

What things may be combined with leather jackets? It is necessary to point out, that everything depends on occasion and the purpose. But most comfortable pieces of garments are leather pants or jeans of any color.

It is well known that bikers like comfort, so leather jackets are called to create not just an awesome look, but the basis to feel them free and stylish at the same time.

When choosing a biker jacket, the buyer should remember of several important tips, such as:

1.it must be tailored of genuine leather of high quality;

2.the colours of this season are different, but classic black or brown still stay the most appropriative;

3.the lining has to be sewn for a full due;

4.the shape and the silhouette should fit the figure and hide its shortcomings;

5.the jacket may be decorated with lots of accessories, and some variants have many zippers on the pockets and zip closure cuffs etc.

So, this season biker jackets are worn by many celebrities. Both males and females prefer this legendary and sophisticated type of clothing to underline their enchanting and trendy look. Subdued and vivid colours of the jackets mysteriously make the surrounding people to set their eyes on the jackets.