Dark Knight Jacket

The most popular movie inspired trends this season

Having appeared many years ago cinematography has made a great impact on our lives, in particular our garment. Nowadays you do not have to buy glossy magazines in order to be aware of the latest trends in fashion. The only thing you have to do is to sit in a comfortable sofa and watch a movie paying attention to main heroes.

Clothing items of the “Sex and the City” were discussed not less than love affairs of the main heroines. Such accessories as artificial flowers, nominal chains gained wide fame among women. A long black cloak that Keanu Reeves put on compensated for all the shortcomings of another trilogy about the hero Neo.

Black is always trendy and cool. Characters in the movie "The Matrix" are sure of it. Palette of their clothing does not go beyond black and white, sometimes a dark purple, red and blue.

Another piece of clothing that made a splash among men is dark knight jacket. It became popular after release of blockbuster movie "The Dark Knight Rises” (2012). Worn by Tom Hardy, this dark knight jacket has gained popularity all over the world and can be easily ordered via the Internet.

After release of “The Great Gatsby”, movie based on the novel written by American author Francis Scott Fitzgerald, you can enrich your wardrobe not just with one piece of clothing. In menswear Gatsby style collars of shirts attract attention: the contrast (white) on the pin and button-down. These shirts should be slim fit. Shoes can be different. Special chic - footwear made of multi-colored pieces of leather, and perforation (hole miniature). A very important skill is to wear right socks (they can be light or the same color as a shirt or tie) as well as get rid of them on time. Pants of this style are moderately narrow and short. Massive accessories have become very popular with women this season. These may be long necklaces, bracelets, a short necklace in an Art Deco style, pendant earrings, variety of massive rings.

The film industry continues to maintain an interest in mysticism and attractive but dangerous vampires thanks to popular Hollywood movies. “The Vampire Diaries” is a TV serial that has made its contribution to the latest fashion. Perhaps, this is why the fashion world is not going to forget the Gothic style. In the autumn-winter 2014/2015, according to designer Alexander Wang, "street fashion mixes with gloomy gothic". As a result, we see the mysterious, dark images of Saint Laurent, Alexander Wang and Paul Smith on the catwalks.

Another style of cinema screens appeared on the fashion catwalks this autumn. Noir - a popular genre of the 1940s - 1950s, which attracts the viewer to the atmosphere of pessimism and ambiguity of the protagonist. To create an image in the style of noir you will need a double-breasted suit, a long trench coat, hat and a chilling look of an experienced detective. You may turn for inspiration to the collections of Saint Laurent, E-Tauz, and Hackett London.

We cannot but mention the masterpiece of cinematography of 1960s – “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. The main heroine introduced a little black dress that has never gone out of fashion since that time. Pearls she wears match her clothes and make the whole look smart.

The topical colors of this season remain to be black and grey. Diversity in the masculine style will bring rich shades of green, blue and beige.