Cyclops Jacket

Hollywood jacket trends for this season- The best 5

Fashion is important in everyone's life. Everyone tends to wear interesting, stylish, original clothes. Creating of fashion design is an art, a science and requires talent, ideas and innovative solutions. Dressers of various films create special looks for its characters to make them more interesting for the spectators. Many styles in films become classics and are included in mass fashion. This season is no exception and designers have created many interesting jackets for cinema heroes that are very popular among viewers around the world. Films and shows «X-Men: The Last Stand», «Supernatural», «Transformers», «The Wanted» and «The Wolverine» have the biggest influence on the trend of the season.

Cyclops jacket («X-Men: The Last Stand») is particularly interesting and stylish in design. Jacket is made of black smooth leather. Jacket has a zip-lock, interior and exterior pockets. This jacket model is based on the style of motorcycle leather jacket. A characteristic feature is the presence of two strips of red and cream colors on the front of the jacket. Jacket has no usual collar, but a stand-collar with a button. Also jacket has some security features for bikers. You can find a jacket with design of Cyclops jacket in retail stores or sew on request.

TV show «Supernatural» is particularly popular and entertaining to the audience. Therefore jacket of hero Dean Winchester is a cult and classic. Jacket has a lot of buttons, but do not lock fastener. Jacket has double triangular open collar and two outside pockets. Dean's jacket has the color of worn brown leather. The design of this jacket is suitable for young boys and men.

The movie «Transformers» is also interesting due to the design of leather jacket. Lightweight light gray leather jacket is perfect for any style of clothing and footwear. It resembles the design of biker leather jacket. Jacket has cuffs on the sleeves and bottom jacket. Also jacket has a stand-collar, zipper-lock, two ordinary exterior pockets and one interesting chest pocket. You can buy or sew to order this design jacket in different color.

The jacket of the film «The Wanted» is very stylish and popular among young people worldwide. The hero of Wesley Gibson wears this jacket. Jacket has a stylish design and strict. This jacket also has elements of biker or motorcycle jackets, which are megapopular this season. Jacket has a stand-collar fixing and also very interesting are fixing on the bottom of the jacket. Special patches are placed on the shoulders of the jacket. Two outside pockets with buttons are placed on the chest, two inside pockets with zippers are located on both sides of the jacket. Also jacket has a front zipper and lock-many buttons.

Film «The Wolverine» with hero Logan also made popular leather jacket. Jacket is made of soft leather, but a solid paste. Jacket has collar, but has oblique zipper-lock. Jacket has a belt with two buckles on the right and left sides. Also this jacket has a known vertical and horizontal pockets. Rectangles sewn on solid jacket designs are interesting and special detail of jacket in «The Wolverine». Jacket has original design, but also the basis of its design resembles a biker or motorcycle jacket.

Clothes from films about Hollywood fiction superheroes are especially popular. Such films are now trendy. Jackets from movies «Iron Man», «Ghost Rider», «Fast & Furious 6», «Resident Evil 6» «Superman», «Ironman», «James Bond» and many others are popular among fashionable young and older women and men. Style jackets of movie characters are original and unconventional. You can use these design ideas of jackets to buy or own sew leather jacket. Leather jacket is a actual, classic, always fashionable. Hollywood jacket trends for this season indicate a particular style, fresh ideas and interesting tailoring.