Contraband Jacket

The trend setting leather jacket trends of this season- whats new

This season we are offered lots of exclusive fashionable leather things, blowing fresh elements in the designs with nice colour palette. Leading fashion designers recommend the jackets, which are crafted of different types of leather and decorated with various accessories.

If to talk of the colour of trend setting leather jackets of this season, it is necessary to point out, that both vivid and bright ones are spread. Some designers introduce only classic black or brown shades; others represent the combination of two colours, for instance, black-and-white. Not less popular are red, turquoise, yellow, white, olive, sand, camel, beige, cognac, chocolate, burgundy, purple and other tones. There are also jackets of leopard print. So, the multicolored diversity of jackets gives an opportunity for admirers of leather garments to create a new fashion story with the mix of such a range of the shades.

As for the models of the jackets, they are also different this year. Especially trendy ones are classic silhouettes and shapes. Flight and bomber, fringed and cut jackets, tailored of durable genuine material with cool decorations, such as emblems, zippers, buttons, studs, chains and so on.

Classic models of jackets are always in mode. They are usually propagated both by fashion designers and celebrities. For instance, movie actors and actresses wear awesome designs and their admirers underline the whole look or some details. We may remember different leather jackets from the films. For example, contraband jacket, worn by Mark Wahlberg, Terminator jacket, worn by Arnold Shwartzneger and many others left the trace of the idea that these pieces of clothes could be worn forever.

Alike models of the jackets are very popular and being offered in many fashion collections. Some designers recommend putting them on in team with denim wear, leather trousers, velvet pants etc. As for accessories, such as gloves, hats and caps, they are also introduced by fashion creators, but it is not necessary to copy such options, because, choosing a jacket, a person tries to find that model, which is appropriative for different events, both for everyday wear and at the parties.

Shabby leather is also popular this season. Brown colour adds some retro zest to some designs. Contraband jacket reminds us the vintage style with a traditional silhouette, which is supplemented by a stand-up collar with buttoned closure, two zipped breast pockets. Full zipped up front allows to be protected from cold and wind.

Upcoming winter demands from us to find a warm jacket and the best option is a sheepskin flying jacket, which is recommended by Tom Ford, AMI, Gucci and other designers. Suede or patent leather is also a nice choice for those, who value these types of texture. Some people also prefer quilted leather jackets.

Bold and extravagant jackets are offered by Fendi and Versaci, Billy Reid and Bespoken. These designers help us not to be out of touch but on the contrary we get an opportunity to catch on.

Elaborate leather jackets can be harmoniously combined with office wear and sporty style. They may be worn over tees and sweatshirts, pullovers or shirts. The wearers always chose eye-catching models, although the colour of the jacket may be subdued.

So, liberated and bold people always have in their wardrobe leather things, which include retro and modern accents and make the look mesmerizing. Practical and comfortable jackets are always wearable and bought both by males and females.