Charlie Prince Jacket

The latest in celebrity movie jackets- What’s hot

Celebrities; film stars, TV actors, musicians, pop stars, etc. have a direct influence among people regarding, fashion, attitude, style and many more. That is too obvious. Who would not desire to look like his/her favorite celeb? Everybody wants to own at least few outfits flaunted by their favorite celebs.

Some actors have made their movie characters famous and immortal just by the way they had dressed up in the movie. For example, Johnny Depp, in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” had a very unique and eye catching dress up of a pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow and that attire still is one of the most used attires for fancy dress parties and Halloween parties. These characters will remember for a long time even generation after generation.

Many of such characters have made a very special place in their fans’ hearts. Some of them are the Mask, Hulk, the Joker etc. But all these are fictional characters and their dress ups are not appropriate for casual events and day to day use. But there are some real life characters as well, whose dress ups have made a huge revolution in the fashion world and changed the trend of fashion. Some of such legendary characters and their trend of fashion are as follows:

-Marilyn Monroe: Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, model and singer. She had a very unique sense of style and fashion. Her outfits were a breakthrough in the world of fashion during 1950s and 1960s. She might be dead today, but she still rules millions of hearts even today and her style and fashion is yet unbeatable.

-Marlon Brando: Marlon Brando is a legendary actor, best known for his movies The Godfather, The Wild One etc. The leather jackets he had worn in his movies were a great success like his movies. Ever fan of his loved those leather jackets and wanted to own one of those. The replicas of these jackets are easily available these days.

-Charlie Prince jackets: Charlie Prince is a fictional character from the movie, “Three-Ten to Yuma”. His character is basically a negative one, so his jacket also known as Charlie Prince jackets helps a lot to reflect the negativity in his character. The jacket he has worn in this movie has helped him a lot to perfectly portray his badass character. This jacket is very simple yet great and stylish one. These jackets are unique and have a dazzling appearance which amazes everyone. The exact replicas of these jackets have been designed by many men’s clothiers and are easily available.

The above mentioned are just few examples of the fashion trend started by famous celebrities. There are many more you really need to look for. Many celebrities wear many different types of outfits. There are many different outfits you can definitely be influenced by. Jackets, shoes, accessories, pants, etc. are many of such fashion trends that you would want to try out this season.

Charlie Prince jackets are one of the greatest choices you can make this season. This “Three-Ten to Yuma” inspired jacket is made up of fine leather that is perfect for the coming winter. This line of jackets is stylish yet durable, so this is something you would definitely want to own this winter. This jacket is available in many different colours as well. So, this winter stay warm and stylish.