Captain America Jacket

Wear what your heroes were: The Movie fan jacket bonanza this season

The new fashion season opening was marked by including to all collections of top fashion houses numerous jacket models made of leather and wool. Smooth, mat and quilted textures, checked and printed colors give plenty of opportunities for every fashionist to make his or her best and ideal choice. Besides, the wide range of new autumn-winter models has been enriched by a fresh trend of wearing movie replica jackets.

This new breathe can be easily explained by the dedicated love of Americans to Hollywood films and heroes. Furthermore, the press of routine and everyday problems makes people look for their way out, and their clothes are perfect tools for manifestation their individuality. Wearing hero clothes, either Superman costume or Captain America jacket, a person feels like a famous film character – confident and easy. To meet all the clients’ needs, replica movie clothes manufacturers created the entire fan jacket bonanza where everyone is able to find quality and comfortable, protective and impressive thing.

A gallery of most expressive movie fan jackets

Superman jacket

This clothing article which was inspired by Clark Kent’s character, can make anyone feel like a real superhero. Stand collar and slim cut, embossed lines on shoulders and distinguishing “S” symbol in front emphasize sexuality and similarity of the owner’s image to the original. If you are a died hard fan of the film and the actor and brave enough to attract curious views you will probably choose a replica in red leather or a blue one like that worn by Henry Cavil in “Man of Steel”.

If you are a devoted but more discreet fan or if Superman’s’ image is only part of your look you will probably choose a variant in black which is well appropriate both for bikers or bohemia people and average movie fan.

Captain America jacket


This most patriotic Hollywood movie fan jacket will suit perfect not only athletic persons looking like famous Easy Rider but any person with American spirit inside. This spirit shines through every detail of Captain America jacket: “Stars and Stripes” printed on its back, red, blue and white colors of stripes inserted into front side and a sleeve. Such an outlook will be great for parties and national holidays, riding motorcycles and going out occasions.

Shearling Bane coat

Not only positive characters enjoy great popularity among the movie fans. A good proof of this can be the enormous popularity of shearling Bane coats this season. Besides the coat’s being an extremely stylish lot with its hip length, wide collar, button closure, inside and flap pockets and stylish slit on back, the jacket is also very warm and comfortable. Now you can look like a Dark Knight even in cold season.

Mission Impossible jacket

Wearing this hooded leather jacket first spotted by Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible” which has won thousand hearts of fans from all countries you will definitely get used to the image of the main character. Brutal, mysterious and a bit dangerous look which was reached by designers with the help of smart slim cut, minimum of details, zip front and pockets, will emphasize the mannish image of an owner. Large dark glasses will complete the man of mystery look most successfully.

Having purchased any of stylish movie fan jackets, either Captain America jacket or Mission Impossible, you will get a great opportunity to turn into a superhero for some time and make the others feel it too.