Bourne Legacy Jacket

The Top 5  movie inspired leather jackets - the new leaders

As it is well know fashion is the source of inspiration. It brings people a good mood, fresh ideas of mixing the things, new decisions of combination of styles, does some corrections to underline the figure, and adds novelty to the wardrobe.  

When desiring to buy a new jacket, it is time to remember about those jackets which are offered in fashion collections of lots of top fashion designers. Some fashion creators demonstrate retro and updated versions with special decorations, such as logo, emblems, cool buckles on the belts etc. We are introduced suede, patent, quilted leather jackets. Some types are represented with fur collars or sleeves.

As for colour palette, it gives ability to each wearer to find his or her adorable thing. Black shade still has leading position and attracts peoples’ boldness, strictness, extravagance and elegance. Black leather jackets are offered by Hermes, Fendi, Viktor and Rolf, Marc Jacobs and others. These variants show mixing of shapes and proportions and look like a multi-functional things.

1. Bourne legacy jackets

If to compare mentioned jackets with those ones, we have seen in popular movies, we can easily name the number one hit Bourne legacy jackets. The jacket is classic and make the look sophisticated. Such type of clothing is comfortable and appropriates to be worn for any occasion or event. Many movie jackets are not extremely extravagant, but they are simply crafted for the characters that have to ride a bike, go on hiking, and catch the cons etc. In such situations, the first rate is taken by the comfort. For instance, Jeremy Renner Bourne legacy jacket of a traditional look having fully zipped closure with snapped adjusts on both sides is the best choice for mentioned situations. It also underlines a stylish stand-up collar and traditional long sleeves with closure cuffs at ends. Wearing such jacket, handsome men impress surrounding people by their look.

2. The Vampire Diaries jacket

The Vampire Diaries jackets are presented by different types with various collars. Hip length adds them some urban look and attracts the liberty of both young men and adults. The colour of jackets is black and all of them have no any special buckled belts, studs or sequins. The jackets had a real boom of popularity among the fans of the serial. So, the main heroes’ clothing became a statement outerwear and realized a lot of dreams.

3. Gardians of the Galaxy jacket

Not just black, but also brown movie jackets have become popular this season. Some movies jackets, which are worn by famous actors or actresses are of retro brown tone. We can see them in the movie “Gardians of the Galaxy”. This unusual jacket is decorated with the pockets on the sleeves and in such a way has a zest within its unique shape.

4. Zac efron leather jacket

Not less popular is zac efron leather jacket from the movie “Seventeen again”. It remembers us the proportions of bourne legacy jacket, but distinguishes by the leather material, so as its texture, being creased, is a very-modern styled outfit. Round collar and front zip add some simplicity to the jacket and alludes to that it may be worn both by adults and young people.

5. Nightcrawler leather jacket

Among the new leaders we may point the jacket, which was shown in the movie “Nightcrawler”. Cool bomber jacket is decorated with 2 pockets and, at the same time, the design is classic. A shirt collar is a nice addition to the jacket.

So, each type of jacket is individual and may be worn with different things of garments.