Beat It Jacket

The celebrity jackets which changed trends in the fashion world

Iconic stylish clothing, shown in movies, on the stages or at the parties, is the hit that may stay in mode forever. People remember actors, actresses and singers who showed a cool piece of clothing and underlined its trendy material, shape and colour. 

Freddie Mercury, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and others brought legendary fashion with cool leather garments, they used to wear and some of them go on wearing stylish updated types of jackets, which are quickly copied by their admirers.

What are the main criteria, which brought incredible popularity to those jackets? There is a simple answer, explaining that iconic looks were created thanks to famous people, who successfully demonstrated voguish fashion style with trendy garments and beautiful accessories.

For example, fashionable cropped biker jackets by Freddy Mercury and Arnold Schwarzenegger were tailored of classic black leather fabric. These types of clothing may be successfully teamed with leather pants or a pair of skinny jeans. Biker jackets are presented by such designers as Porsche Design, Versace, Gucci and others. Designers also offer some flight jackets of unusual colours, such as blue, olive, tan and others. It is well known, that subdued tones are attracted in lots of collections.

Some celebrities’ jackets have taken leading positions in fashion industry and stay enough popular until now. Bright red color exclusively distinguishes its popularity and underlines extravagant looks of the wearers. Michael Jackson’s beat it jacket of red color proves this doubtless statement.   

Blue leather jackets became popular thanks to Boys II Men, the ‘90s band, which participants preferred oversized ones with logo on the sleeves, teaming the jackets with blue colored leather pants. This season Gucci also offers light blue leather jackets for him.

Celebrity jackets, which changed trends in the fashion world, may be distinguished by leather material. Quilted, suede, patent or supple texture was actively used, hypnotizing fans. This year the most spread leather material is supple and suede sheepskin leather.

Some retro leather jackets still stay as the fashion weapon among lovers of leather. So, designers try to modernize some retro variants according to new fashion vision. All the palette tones, including creamy pastels, powder-pink, olive, burgundy, tan and other colours, being demonstrated in this fall-winter 2014-2015 collections, show renewed options of leather apparel, but classic black, white and brown still stay in mode and being a wardrobe staple.

Such celebrities as Chris Brown, Barbara Martelo, Lady Gaga, Sindy Crawford on the cover of fashion magazine demonstrate their love to heavy metal jackets, which came into the fashion industry from ‘80s. Their admirers, seeing them dressed in such type of garments, melt and dream of the same provocative and enchanting look. Rock and grunge elements within different accessories, such as emblems, buckled belts, studded collars, zippers etc., always find their followers.

Each smart is individual, so some celebrities wear leather jackets with skinny long or cuffed pants, others with loose ones; as for women, they also adore leather skirts. Caps and hats may add some raisin to the whole look. Cool sneakers or loafers of the same colour are called to finish this combination.

No matter, which variant do you like more, beat it jacket, smallville or a biker ones, it is more important that this jacket must fit well and attract a gorgeous and chic look of the wearer, chaining the past and the future in modern design. Leather jackets must always be the part of closet.