Alex Mercer Jacket

The most popular video games and movies character inspired jackets- The top 5

From the beginning of times people have been trying to find different ways to express and entertain themselves: ancient contests and arts have been changed by modern games and occurrence of cinema and cinema. With the inventing of TV, computer and the world web contemporary people moved their contests into the virtual world. Then video games began their existence.

Virtual games help people to hide away from numerous everyday problems and have some rest from the rushing tempo of modern life. It is considered that games are harmful for mental health and too much involving but gamers with no problems in real life usually clearly perceive the line between reality and world of games. They take the process as it is – with fun and a bit ironic.

Movie and games’ lovers also like to stand out of a crowd and often demonstrate their devotion to some characters with the help of their clothes which becomes a perfect expressive means. For example, we can observe that strong character and mannish gamers prefer such things as Alex Mercer jacket and romantic would rather wear something like Aragorn’s duster from Lord of Rings.

Movies or games’ inspired pieces of clothes, especially jackets, have enjoyed so great popularity that we can define the rating of top popular lots.

Most demanded for movies and games’ inspired jackets

-Johnny Blaze’s replica jacket from “Ghost rider”

This classic style biker jacket can become an extremely impressive piece of clothes for creating unusual and mannish images. Asymmetrical cut and wide collar, metal diagonal zip front and zips on pockets, and no more extra details – everything has been thought out to emphasize the brutality of Nicholas Cage’s character.  So, either if you like sexy and a bit rough mens looks or if you are a fan of good movie, you won’t be mistaken to purchase such a great piece of outwear.

-Tyler Durden's jacket from “Fight Club”

Numerous fans of “Fight Club” where Brad Pitt was starring dream to have such a stylish thing as Tyler’s double stitched red leather jacket. A model with notched lapels and button closure creates brutal, catching and a little sloppy look. “Intelligent hooligan” look will be very much appropriate for smart casual style lovers.  The jacket can be combined with classic style slim cut jeans, casual trousers and informal shirts.

-Alex Mercer jacket from “Prototype” videogame

Gamers all over the world are fond of this addictive fighting game. The main character’s sporty leather jacket will be easily recognized by every fan of “Prototype” with its red collar, zip front, embroidered red dragons on a back and double stripes of white on the sleeves. Stylish sporty and casual looks can be created with the help of hoods (to increase the similarity with Tyler) or designers’ T-shirts. This article will suit perfect the athletic men. Any lover of videogames will highly appreciate a present like Alex Mercer jacket and wear it on every occasion.

-Damon Salvatore’s replica jacket from Vampire Diaries

This heartbreaking character with his evil and sexy image couldn’t but reach attraction of viewers and enjoy wide popularity. Original designer’s black leather jacket is now especially demanded for young men who take care about their appearance and look. Classic style jacket which was shown by Ian Somerhalder in the famous movie features collar snaps, zip front, snatch and flap pockets and back seamed sleeves. Combined with black slim fit trousers or jeans and slim cut black shirt or sweatshirt, the jacket will turn its owner into a mysterious and attractive person.

-Max Payne’s black jacket

This replica is greatly popular with “Max Payne’s” fans. Thigh length classic style leather jacket has original collar with button hole loop and vertical pockets on the chest. It is button closured and features stand collar. Such universal design gives the thing high combinability and makes it appropriate for creating both casual and classical looks.