Womens Brown Leather Jacket

Ducati - the biker leather jacket to watch this summer

The biker leather trend has literally taken over clothing stores worldwide. With a significant rise in retailers stocking the item since last year, it is no secret that getting your hands on one of these is on top of every shopping list for consumers. There’s the typical biker leather that’s armoured and used only by motorcyclists and then there’s the jacket that’s just for trendy and stylish reasons.

Ducati is a manufacturer of motorcycles and gear for motorcyclists. The Italian manufacturer has been in the industry since 1926. It has become a loved and popular brand worldwide. It is no wonder they started their own apparel shop. They are in a country that sources the best cut of leather in the world. Owning an original Ducati product is chief amongst bikers.

Their latest leather jacket is a remake of the 80s version, but less bulky. “This leather jacket has a less aggressive fit. The new version of the 80s jacket takes its style cues from one of Ducati’s best ever selling leather jacket,” says the manufacturer. Indisputably the Ducati leather jacket is modern thanks to it catering for men and women. “It has shoulder and elbow armor fitted in both men’s and women’s style,” it says. 

Although both fits look slightly similar, the male leather jacket is more masculine. Original and exclusive makers of any genuine apparel seldom make their jackets in brown. A women’s brown leather jacket falls in this category. Like finding the perfect leather jacket, this is so for the women’s brown leather jacket too. There are online stores that is sure to have the jacket in stock. , store has everything and anything that is genuine leather apparel, including Ducati apparel.

Ducati is the first motorcycle to introduce a motorcycle that wirelessly connects to Ducati Apparel. Known as the D-Air jacket, it was revealed alongside the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S touring. Instilling in the minds of everyone who saw it that the two work synonymously. The leather jacket has airbags inside of it and they are prompted during accidents to activate. It comes in two varieties, one for racing and the other for the street. The race version protects the collarbone, shoulder and neck area during a crash. The street airbags cover most of the upper body, the torso, abdomen, neck and back when inflated. The jacket and the motorcycle work in unison to create a safe and secure journey for the rider. Although it first made its inception in 2008, there’s a 2015 range that’s been released in Europe.

The jacket being the first of its kind obviously has an expensive price tag. They range from around $1000 and can go up to $2078 for the water-resistant kind. The design of the jacket has a sexy flair to it. This could be because it oozes a transformation in the motorcycle industry. The jacket is designed for riders and their passengers. It can be assumed that it is for men and women. The latest range is currently available in Europe; the rest of the world is yet to catch up.

It is available in black and red. The colour of the jacket is limiting but we all know that black goes with everything! Sorry ladies but a women’s brown leather jacket won’t be in your Ducati collection as yet.