White Leather Jacket

Leather jackets. The changing trends of mods this season

Head can come around from the speed of changing trends. But despite this fact leather jackets stay the classics. Today leather jackets took place in a big number of wardrobes, passed the checkout of time and big changes in fashion. It seems that protectors of animals had a very long vocation, because the items from the leather become more and more popular, fashionable and demanded.

It’s a good idea to begin our observe from biker leather jackets, which will take you in more of a rock chic direction. Earlier not every woman decided to wear such clothes; it could be too aggressive and defiant. This season designers ennobled this variant of jackets. The main elements of it are:  asymmetric front zip, quilted details at shoulders, zips pockets and cuffs; without right zipper it wouldn’t be a biker style. New changing in the biker leather jackets opened our eyes on the new colors.

Unusual short jackets aviators - real discovery for the brave and extraordinary women. Bomber - free model that can be up to three sizes larger. The most current colors for the bombers in 2014 - blue, coral, black, and white pearl.

Parka leather jackets are cute and warm things. They are quite long and this time leather replaced usual materials. Oversize leather jackets- are very in trend. If you think that this type is much better for men-you’re wrong! It adds femininity to your look. Colored leather jackets, leather jackets with prints in the style of "military" and the color combination are in trend.Some models of jackets decorated with fur. It’s like reminder: Winter is coming soon! Also fur emphasizes women’s beauty and in combination with skin can make you a real queen.Different leather is used in the modern industry to produce jackets. Some of famous brands use kind of old leather- such way we’ve got Vintage leather jackets. They’re obviously good and seem to be in trend for a long time.

Talking about color: it could be not only timeless black, but a big gamma of colors: red, bright green, blue, pink, brown and white, especially white. White leather jacket for women is index of your charm and good taste. We used to see white jackets made as classic models, but nowadays ‘guru of fashion’ make more and more experiments. For example, could you imagine white leather in a military style with such details as rivets and spikes? Now you can not only imagine but find it in fashion collections and best markets.

White jacket in biker style is like “calm rock”! Sounds strange, but it exists and look amazing. If you think that white color isn’t so practical as black-you’re wrong. Black can look too heavy, and white will add to your look more tenderness and lightness. You can combine it with your favorite clothes including printed scarf and bright shoes.

Burberry and Forever 21 collections 2014 have white biker leather jackets for women. It’s just very fashionable and you can dress it with blue jeans or cocktail dress.

Leather jacket in "Bolero" style is a very short and isn’t suited for weather protection, but it looks very stylish at the celebrations, meetings and work.If you feel the fashion and want to be classy, chic and effortlessly cool –then it’s your high time, you only need white leather jacket!

If you have the white one but still want it in a new way, then good variant is to find white leather jacket with black quilted sleeves. This is good way to make a bright accent and highlight your perfect taste and personality.