Studded Leather Jacket

The rock star look for this season: The studded leather jacket

Look like a rock star by wearing this exceptionally designed beautiful and gorgeous studded leather jacket. If you are tired of wearing plain and ordinary jackets for your biking and party outings, then it is the time to spice up your appearance by putting on an attractive studded jacket. In recent times, fashion designers are designing a wide range of studded jackets for both men and women. Apart from using studs on these jackets, they are experimenting with the colour, length and design which you may hardly tried before. The innovative design of these jackets makes it a perfect companion for your casual and other occasion outings. The speciality of these gorgeous jackets are that they will enhance your look and make you feel comfortable. Here are some types of the studded jackets have been mentioned

Yoke studded jackets- Designing yoke line of a jacket is one of the most popular concepts among the designers . Following this trend of designing, the expert fashion designers are now using special studs on the yoke of the jacket. This design is applicable to men’s and women’s jacket/ Along with using silver or golden spike like studs, designers are doing painting work on the yoke, which actually complements the look of the jacket.

Sleeve studded jacket- A [popular rock star like jacket. In this dazzling jacket. You will find the use of sequins and other type of metal studs to give that glossy and gaudy look. For  a beautiful contrast, designers generally leave the body of the jacket free from studs. This enhances the overall look of the jacket without compromising on the comfort.

Studs on the collar-This use of studs on the collar highlight the jacket. On the other hand, for women, this collar stud worked jacket gives an exclusive necklace like look. The dazzling studs on different types of collars like mandarin, round, regular offers an extraordinary look.

Studs on the waistline- Using studs on the hemline of the jacket gives an interesting look to the entire jacket. Whether it is a black or tanned jacket, the use of silver or golden studs on the waistline or as the belt makes it stunning and changes the concept of wearing jackets. Apart from experimenting with the studs, designers have included special zipped work on the studded leather jackets. Some of these zipped are attached with the pockets, whereas other designers use these zipped work to enhance the fashion statement of the jacket.

The experiment with the length plays an essential role in designing a jacket. The short length jackets are designed for a special fashion statement. The medium length jackets are popular among the youngsters and bikers. If the jacket includes a smart studded leather belt, then it facilitates the draped to wear it comfortably. While designing these jackets designers pay a close attention in selecting the inner fabric of the jacket. This helps the user to wear it with comfort.

The use of premium quality leather material on the black body of the jacket gives it a perfect look. Along with this nowadays, youngsters are bent upon trying the out of the box shades like red, cherry, pink, purple, yellow, green and sometime animal prints become a popular option to get that quirky look for various party outings.  These jackets generally feature zipped closure. This smart use of white metal designed zipped enclosure makes a beautiful contrast with the overall look of the jacket and at the same time, helps the user to get that desired look in a simple and special way.