Red Leather Jacket

The new trends of colorful leather jackets

Leather jackets of different styles and colors are in fashion this season. The most pleasant thing is that there are a huge amount of different styles and it makes your choice easier. Everybody knows such famous styles as:  military, biker style, classic, rocking. If earlier biker style used to be ruder, now it is recreated to more exquisite and feminine style.

Jackets which are voluminous with rounded shoulder line that looks perfect on slender, fragile girls. In addition to this, these voluminous jackets can hide some flaws, giving to women figures some elegance.

Also you should pay your attention to some models of jackets that consist of leather and other materials. It’s very interesting idea and it’s in trend. For example Balmain proposed jacket with leather sleeve and with other parts made of wool. Colors of these parts can be the same. Some jackets have collar of another color than whole jacket or consists of patterns that made from another material. Such design is very interesting and unusual and if you always buy classic models of leather maybe it’s time to try something new!

You can choose the model of jacket you want, and then to decide what color you need. Season 2014 put an accent on monochromatic jackets.

Designers propose us giant variety of colors and beautiful combination of tones. Some of jackets have amazing geometric patterns and abstractions. Black color as always stays the most popular tone of leather jackets and has the main position among all colors. So this season black is on top. Mango, DKNY, Veda, Zara, and Jason Wu made black leather jackets real trend this time.  Black is classic, but don’t forget about other colors, their brightness could make cold season warmer for you and those who surrounds you. Brands from all over the world introduced their collections in dark-blue, burgundy, orange and light green, bright red and even pink colors.

The feature of this season in the fashion world is mixing of rude styles and tender colors. For example, Balmain mixed tender mint green color with biker style and here we’ve got very beautiful leather biker jacket.

One of the most unusual mixing is black leather jacket and embroidery. It could be handmade work or fabric; still it doesn’t matter because the result is amazing!

So many colors and what about the brightest one? What about red? Red leather jacket is one of things ‘must- have’ this season. This color Versace put in collection of this year leather jackets and made it in a rock way and more casual. If you like leather jacket of Michael Jackson in his video ‘Thriller’, than you’re lucky! You’ll find the red jacket made in this manner in markets and fashion collections.

Now you can wear it everywhere you go and it‘ll emphasize your individuality, style and character, also it’s a kind of statement ‘Look at me! I know what I need!’ It doesn’t matter: a bright red or dark red leather jacket doesn’t matter; still it will be a perfect addition for your look. You can choose between short and long jackets.

Red leather jacket can be classic or sports; it can be decorated with spikes, rivets and have few pockets. Your choice depends on your taste, where you need to go and what style is more comfortable for you. Red classic jacket is obviously the most popular variant for those people, who is quite self-confident and need only a little accent to underline his personality.

Biker leather jacket in red tone is mostly the good choice for people who used to defy stereotypes and prefer to look different from the crowd.

So many jackets and so many opportunities to use it and to mix with absolutely different types of clothes. Don’t waste your time and find good a leather jacket for yourself. Be sure that it’ll ‘serve’ you for a long term.